The error of watch may be caused by three parts

Generally, the errors of the skeleton watch are caused by three parts. The first is the reason of the watch itself, whether it carries a high-precision movement, whether the movement parts are magnetized, and whether the parts operate normally.
The second is environmental factors. Excessive temperature difference will cause changes in running in between parts, change the viscosity of lubricating oil, and further change the friction. The second is magnetic field. If the mechanical watch is in a strong magnetic field environment, it is easy to magnetize the movement and speed up the travel time. The third is the wearer’s own factors, such as the lack of power caused by insufficient activity and errors, and the placement position and orientation are different, or the long-term idle leads to stop, never maintain and other factors will cause errors.
So how to reduce the error of mechanical watch? I believe that this is also the most popular point. First of all, try to keep the watch in an environment with small temperature difference. For long-term mechanical watches, you should supplement the spring regularly. At the same time, you should wear them for 8 hours every day and have enough activity to make the watch run with sufficient power. Secondly, the watch can not be placed at will. It should be far away from all kinds of strong magnetic field objects, such as TV, radio, sound, etc. If it is magnetized, it is recommended to send it to a professional place for demagnetization.