Alpina Launches AlpinerX into Space review

As part of their’Reach you Summit’ campaign, Alpina celebrated the 50th anniversary of the historic event by starting the AlpinerX into area.
Here’s a glimpse of this launch:
Alpina just announced the achievement of the launch together with the watch reaching an elevation of 33’793 metres, higher than Earth’s highest summit, Mount Everest which stands in a fantastic elevation of 8’848. This elevation pushed the AlpinerX into the limitation and maxed-out the watches altimeter function.
For this challenge to take place, Alpina watches teamed up with’ Sent into Space’, a new firm that specialises in space photography who has worked with the BBC, Audi, Sony Music and Google to name a few and also have over 500+ successful flights. The trip up to the borders of the Earth’s atmosphere took 3 hours before it left it’s descent back into the ground, a gorgeous shot of the Earth in the background. The opinion was subsequently retrieved 60km from the launch location. The first watch that entred area is on display from the Alpina museum, Plan-les-Quates, Switzerland.


To mark the anniversary of this historic event of humans landing on the moon, Alpina has made a special edition AlpinerX in a brilliant shade of blue. The set is limited to 299 pieces having an engraving on the case back of the moon over the famous triangle of Alpina’s logo.
Alpina Launches AlpinerX into Space Each version is handcrafted within Alpina’s workshop at Geneva and includes a exceptional number.
What are your thoughts Alpina starting the AlpinerX in to spaces? Let us know if you are going to be receiving on of those 299 versions in the comments below!