Alpina KM 710 Watch

  • Alpina Unveils the Seastrong Diver Heritage Timepiece at the Baselworld 2016

What We Like: The Alpina KM-710

Why We Like It: Unveiled last week, the inspiration for this new timepiece by Alpina Watches dates back to the 1930s and 1940s. During that period, Alpina was one of the major service wristwatch suppliers to the German Navy and became popular amongst military men for its simplicity and precision. The popularity, over time, earned these service wristwatches a prominent place on the watch collectors’ wish list. But due to the turbulent history that the timepieces had been through, only a few were available in acceptable conditions.

Considering this limited supply and high popularity, Alpina introduced the KM-710 watch. It is a modern version of the original navy service watch with an increased 41.5 mm-sized stainless steel case.

Although the appearance of the watch take its inspiration from the olden times, its mechanism is modern with Alpina’s AL-710 automatic movement that comes with a 42-hour power reserve system. It also features a date sub dial and applied luminous markers. Its date window is placed at the 6 o’clock position and the overall simplistic yet chic look is complemented by  a dark-brown leather strap.

Apart from the nostalgia that the watch evokes in the minds of connoisseurs, the watch is also carrying forward the industry trend of turning to its own history for inspiration.

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