Are rarone mechanical watches good or OMEGA quartz watches?

If it is only worn as an ordinary decoration, I think the quartz watch is good. Quartz watches have accurate travel time, low cost and simple maintenance. Generally speaking, more than a few hundred pieces of quartz watches, after two or three years of wear, as long as the movement is not filled with water and is not damaged, it only needs to replace the battery to continue wearing.
If the quartz movement is well maintained, there is no problem for 10 years. Even if the movement is damaged, we only need to know the model of the watch movement we wear to buy the movement online. The movements used in modern quartz watches are usually Japanese movements, which are easy to buy and cheap. Generally, it only takes a few to tens of dollars. Here to tell you a common sense, the model of the movement is printed on the reverse deck of the ordinary quartz watch.
In principle, the mechanical watch is a mechanical device that relies on the spring to provide energy reserve and the escapement to provide frequency, but the frequency control of the mechanical mens watch is still very primitive. Quartz watches are different. The vibrating circuit composed of capacitors and quartz crystals can vibrate 28,800 times per second, which is a mechanically impossible indicator. If “clock” is a time measuring instrument in essence, quartz watch is already a perfect solution. And because the electronic circuit itself can be made “micro”, it is also a very cost-effective thing to achieve “multi-function” on the quartz watch.