Baselworld 2018: Patek Philippe Introduces Pilot Travel Time for Men, and Ladies – On Instagram

Patek Philippe Pilot Travel Time 5524 rose gold 1

Past the stratospheric worth of this pocket watch, the Supercomplication tells us a great deal concerning the prevailing spirit at Patek Philippe. Challenges are the motor supporting the Maison, and resting on your laurels is not feasible. In 1989, Patek chose to go 1 step – make that nine steps – farther compared to Graves Supercomplication and produced Calibre 89 to match its 150th anniversary. Presently the world’s most complicated heavyweight champion, Calibre 89 has 33 complications – among the rarer ones being able to display the forthcoming year’s Easter date collection by complicated astronomical calculations until 2017. On the subject of significant historical customs, the company switched 175 last year and wear a horological feast couple watch fanatics could possibly forget. In pride of place was that the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime, Patek’s most complicated wristwatch (recall Calibre 89 is a pocket watch) with 20 complications – a grande sonnerie and date repeater at a double-faced, ornately relief-engraved gold case of epic proportions. The World Time Moon watch along with also the Multi-Scale Chronograph were also decked out to the celebration in the two men’s and women’s watches, and also in small variations to indicate the grandiose 175th anniversary.Complications of every possible flavour for men and women have marked Patek Philippe’s 176 decades old history.

Teased about on the account of the Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition three days ago, Patek Philippe unveiled its own Instagram account today with a pair of new releases for Baselworld 2018. The first is the ref. 5524R, which is the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time in rose gold with a brown dial, essentially a new look for the original Pilot in white gold launched in 2015.

And the second is almost identical to the first, but smaller. The ref. 7234R is the Pilot Travel Time for ladies is 37.5mm in diameter, in contrast to the 42mm men’s model. Both are powered by the same movement, the self-winding cal. 324 S C FUS. That makes the ref. 7234R the first automatic Travel Time for ladies, with the earlier models having been hand-wound.

Patek Philippe Pilot Travel Time 5524 rose gold 1

Patek Philippe Pilot Travel Time 5524 rose gold 4

Patek Philippe Pilot Travel Time 5524 rose gold 2

The next question then becomes what else will Patek Philippe debut on March 21 when Baselworld opens its doors?

One would expect new models in its bestselling lines, namely the Nautilus and Aquanaut. With the Nautilus range already counting a simple calendar, annual calendar, chronograph, and Travel Time, the only signature complication missing is the perpetual calendar, which means the most logical addition would be, well, a Nautilus perpetual calendar.

And then there is the Aquanaut, arguably the younger, hipper version of the Nautilus. Despite being a sports watch, the Aquanaut line-up still lacks the most obvious of sports watch complications – a chronograph. And since the Aquanaut for ladies is already available in a variety of colours, it might just be time for brighter colours on the men’s models, particularly since the rubber strap allows for a versatile colour palette. So who knows?