Baselworld 2018: Patek Philippe Introduces the Nautilus Perpetual Calendar Ref. 5740/1G

Patek Philippe Nautilus perpetual 5740-1G-3

Not just royals, however intellectuals, authors, scientists and musicians came to the firm for their watches, including Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Einstein as well as Marie Curie.We have the trend-setting Countess Koscewicz of Hungary to thank. In 1868, she was the first woman to withstand the convention of sporting a timepiece for a pendant, and fastened one to her wrist after purchasing Patek Philippe’s first wristwatch – an elaborate rectangular case home a baguette motion and introduced on a yellow gold necklace. Only 10 years later, the fashion had attained England as ladies on foxhunts strapped their Patek Philippe watches to their wrists on leather bracelets to have the ability to seek advice from the time without having to let go of the reins.Business was flourishing, prizes were granted to their superlative precision, patents were being registered for more advanced alternatives to watchmaking and, in 1851, Patek Philippe chose to relocate to the handsome building on Rue du Rhône overlooking Lake Geneva, which is still in use now as the Maison’s boutique. However, the Crimean War was taking its toll in France, Great Britain, Turkey and Russia, therefore it was time for the company to look for new markets further afield. America was the first port of call, and Patek was impressed by the scale of Charles Lewis Tiffany’s boutique. Back in 1851, the two companies established a partnership maintained for this day in which Tiffany pledged to “attend to the attention of Patek Philippe in America as if it were his very own.”

The subject of rumours before Baselworld 2018, the Nautilus Perpetual Calendar ref. 5740/1G is now here, becoming the first perpetual calendar in Patek Philippe’s line of sports watches.

Powered by the tried and tested cal. 240 Q movement, the Nautilus Perpetual Calendar is in 18k white gold with a matching bracelet.

Patek Philippe Nautilus perpetual 5740-1G-3

Rated to 60m, the case is 40mm in diameter, the same as the base model Nautilus ref. 5711, and 8.42mm high. Notably, the corrector pushers for the calendar are symmetrically located on the lugs and one of the “ears” of the case.

Patek Philippe Nautilus perpetual 5740-1G-1

Patek Philippe Nautilus perpetual 5740-1G-2

The dial is a pale metallic blue with the signature horizontal motif that’s a trademark of the Nautilus.

Patek Philippe Nautilus perpetual 5740-1G-5

Price and availability 

The Nautilus Perpetual Calendar ref. 5740/1G is priced at US$119,070.