Baselworld: Breitling for Bentley. 10 Years on the Road.

Breitling actually debuted these new Superocean Heritage hands on the back of the the quirky limited variant Breitling Watches India Price Superocean Heritage Chronoworks in 2016 (hands on here). The hour hand arrow has a line which bisects it (seemingly for no purpose as the hands are already distinctive appearing), and now the minute hand rather radically tapers. Again, this can be much more in accordance with the expression of the genuine heritage Superocean watch, but I feel the modern Superocean Heritage I did the palms somewhat better. Not only were the outgoing hands easier on the eyes in terms of simplicity, but I felt that they were more proportionate to the general look of the dial. Now the minute hand feels a bit too skinny most of the time except in the tip – and the strange angles at the bottom of the arrow hour hand remove from the original’s strength and temperament. The new hands are definitely somewhat more distinctive, and it is completely possible that they will grow on me, but at first glance, this is the 1 part of the Superocean Heritage that I thought was a bit better on the very first generation model.The shortage of a steel ring around the inner portion of this rotating bezel further creates the Superocean Heritage II look distinct from the original version. This is not an improvement or upgrade, so much as it’s a new look for the now modern classic in contemporary vintage-style sports watches. The lack of an inner steel ring signifies the color from the bezel can blend in with all the dial a bit more easily, making the maximum impact on the black-dialed versions of this Superocean Heritage II. This is also true on the blue and brown variations, but on a few Superocean Heritage II models Breitling offers contrasting bezels and dials with a silvery dial with a black bezel.
So let us first talk about how the unidirectional rotating bezel of the Superocean Heritage II differs from that of their first model. This is one of two major visible ways the Superocean Heritage I and II models all differ from one another. In doing the movie part of the review to the Superocean Heritage 46, I mentioned that the most “age showing” part of this watch in terms of its product lifespan was that the anodized aluminum / or coated steel (I’m not sure the particular metal utilized) bezel insert. Ceramic bezels are a lot more preferred and valued nowadays only because they have colors that will last forever, and because they are extremely scratch resistant. Together with the Superocean Heritage II Breitling correctly upgraded the bezel from a metal version to a ceramic one – plus it comes in black, white, brown, and blue.The ceramic bezel doesn’t look precisely the same, and the metal one, with its very simple markers was a bit more elegant looking. This ups the practical cred of the Superocean Heritage II, but it does require a bit away from the quasi-minimalist yet manly design that made the first Superocean Heritage so lovely and charming.

Breitling for Bentley celebrates ten years on the road with three new chronographs equipped with calibers entirely developed and produced in-house. For the launch of these three new timepieces at Baselworld, we received one of the most unique press kits featuring a USB designed to look like the keyless entry remote on a Bentley automobile. We really think this was a fantastic marketing idea from Breitling.




The three new timepieces include the Bentley B06 distinguished by its exclusive ’30-second
chronograph’ system; the Bentley B04 GMT and Bentley B05 Unitime
models will appeal to world travelers thanks to their
ultra-practical dual timezone and worldtime mechanisms. Three new
expressions of a world apart combining luxury,  accomplishment,
performance and prestige. For more info on the Bentley collection click here.


BENTLEY B04 GMTRoyalEbonydialblack.jpg