Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Carbon Watch Review


The BR 01 (BR01) watch collection is most likely probably the most legendary watch from the Bell & Ross brand, and probably the most influential watches of last decade. Wherever made it happen originate from why is it very popular? Bell & Ross like a brand is extremely inspired through the German brand Sinn. Actually, among the founders of Bell & Ross labored at Sinn, and early Bell & Ross watches were really Sinn watches which were dual top quality.


Sinn is kind of the anti-Swiss watch in theme. The company offers high-quality oral appliance professional-use watches which are reasonably listed and also have zero lifestyle marketing in it. In my opinion at that time, the brand new Bell & Ross brand saw a chance to promote the Sinn concept to some more lifestyle and fashion oriented demographic, while retaining the main look and functionality that made Sinn the things they were.

Right after getting success with offering Sinn watches in a different way Bell & Ross rapidly began to build up its very own personality and it was one of the primary high-finish watch brands which i recall ever realizing and lusting for. Born from historic military watches and functional instruments, the company then (about ten years ago), and today continues to be simple to love. A main issue with that reason is that almost all Bell & Ross watches feature very refined designs and dials which are frequently very readable. The mission of the trademark was to provide a good-searching watch nevertheless the folks putting on them had good, but conservative taste, and were not afraid to have their hands dirty at the appropriate interval.

Using Swiss actions, Bell & Ross is really a contemporary French company. Even their “vintage” designs include a brand new feel, as the brand’s entire collection is modern through and thru. How did Bell & Ross find a way to retain this look while having a collection that’s mostly targeted in the past for inspiration? It has related to restraint. Design restraint. Most Bell & Ross watch designs are pretty straight forward initially. You will find a couple of key design features which make each bit what it’s – without going overboard. I’m able to only reckon that this kind of design process is tough because instead of adding features designers frequently have to strip them.

I mention all of this because for me it’s particularly salient towards the BR 01 models. The BR 01 is really a watch in line with the appearance of an plane cockpit dashboard clock. I’m fact; you can most likely utilize it as you. The square situation is patterned following the modular style of cockpit instruments filled with retention screws. Use a variety of plane cockpits and you will see in which the design originated from. The look includes large hands, easy to understand hour numbers, and excellent contrast.


The purest BR 01 design if this involves praising these plane clocks may be the BR 01-92 Carbon. Black covered metal is preferred in cockpits because it doesn’t reflect light that could hinder visibility. Additionally a black and whitened dial provides the best contrast for legibility. This model also removes the date window that was offered on other BR 01-92 models. Only the time with seconds – a pure dashboard instrument.

Bell & Ross has always for me skillfully shrunken lower the plane clock to be used around the wrist. A few of the little particulars are the most useful, like the well-made hands and 4 dial mounted screws that match the 4 bezel mounted screws. The dial is neat and crisp with indications which are slightly elevated because of the healthy quantity of SuperLumiNova employed for lume.

“Shrunken lower” is obviously a family member term because the BR 01 continues to be a 46mm by 46mm wide square cased watch. If this first arrived on the scene there is lots of skepticism regarding who might put on this type of watch. The “large watch” craze wasn’t quite mainstream yet, also it look lots of wrist here we are at individuals to be believing that Bell & Ross was onto something. Nonetheless, Bell & Ross still launched the marginally more compact BR 03 model a couple of years later to fulfill more wrist size preferences. Oddly enough, as wide because the watch is, it feels very thin at 10.5mm thick. This low wrist profile is really a major advantage of the look.


Personally I really like the dimensions and would pick the BR 01 on the BR 03 any day. Other equally educated people might say quite contrary. The steel situation is PVD covered black and water-resistant to 100 meters. The azure very is AR covered for viewing ease. More little touches such as the grating texture around the screw-lower crown with engraved Bell & Ross logo design are welcome bits. The big flat watch sits very easily around the wrist that also implies that even though it is large, it will not slide around.

Probably the cleverest elements of design from the watch are when straps integrate the lugs for any single, seamless look. Straps lightly taper and therefore are faceted (around the rubber versions) to assist aesthetically reduce how big the timepiece. It’s a quite refined and aesthetically elegant strap design, whilst being quite simple. Also offered in leather, nylon material Velcro, along with other straps, the very best strap for that BR 01 continues to be most likely the rubber strap. Beautiful inside it designs, the strap is matched up to some sexy buckle and it is very easily simple to put on and comfy.


Within the BR 01-92 is really a Swiss ETA 2892-2 automatic movement. Most BR 01 watches allow it to be very obvious which movement is within them. The BR 01-94 for instance includes a 2894 automatic chronograph movement as the BR 01-97 includes a 2897 automatic with energy reserve movement, and so on. Numerous brands available use fundamental ETA actions and then try to disguise the quality names using their own lexicon. Bell & Ross appears to possess little curiosity about this practice and that I applaud them for concentrating on what counts. They aren’t a wrist watch movement maker however a watch maker. They will use reliable industry examined actions inside watches that belongs to them design, and do not mean to confuse anybody along the way.


I have stated lots of advantages to the BR 01-92 Carbon watch and overall BR 01 collection since I have adopted the evolution of the collection since its debut in the past and also have ongoing to actually enjoy it. If this involves watches the real test of merit’s time. That may seem shatteringly cliché, only time separates good designs from trendy designs. Bell & Ross has demonstrated in my experience by using the BR 01 Instrument it’s stylish to become square. Quality and execution are extremely good, and when you believe much like me you know that you want the feel of it.