The designer of Movado’s Museum Watch Yves Béhar

Interview: Movado’s Museum Watch-Swiss-American Designer Yves Béhar

May 10, 2016

Museum Watch, the most famous collection of Movado. This amazing collection case with a minimalist design, had never before known such a profound reinterpretation as the one by Yves Béhar. The industrial designer and specialist in connected devices renamed it Movado Edge. The baffling simplicity and evocative force of the Museum Watch‘s dial made it […]

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Front of Movado Derek Jeter Captain collection 03

Movado Derek Jeter Captain Watches Hands On

January 19, 2016

In order to marks the ultimate season for Yankees captain and all sorts of-star shortstop Derek Jeter,Movado designed a collection called Movado Derek Jeter Captain.  Movado Derek Jeter watches – which Movado states happen to be produced “in close collaboration” using the star athlete, are distinguished with a prominent numeral “2,” Jeter’s uniform number using the […]

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Side of Movado Bold Watches 02

In Depth-Movado Bold Watches

December 31, 2015

Movado Bold watches are unique watches. why? In terms of its color , design and material, Movado Bold watches has colorful case and the design never out of dated. Movado’s major claim to fame was the adoption of the Museum Dial watch and making it really popular. The artistic minimalist design is indeed very attractive, […]

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Movado Cooperated With HP to Creat The New Smartwatch

Movado Cooperated With HP To Creat The New Smartwatch

November 25, 2015

Movado unveiled its Swiss Made Smart watch collections lately. They can connect with IOS and Android system. The line is a blend of Swiss watch elegance that Movado regularly delivers, combined with innovative technology for both men and women. The men’s model is the Museum Sport, available in several versions. The women’s model is the […]

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Movado, Bela Beautiful Watches

August 3, 2015

Although it is true that the bold watch is definitely an attention grabber, subtlety is underrated.  Not everything needs to scream to become heard, which is obvious in Movado’s traditional styling.  The legendary watch makers have built a brand name with minimalism…brilliant.  Their trademark masterpieces feature delicate hands and clean, continuous dials.  This classic utilization […]

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