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Review : Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Are Sale

October 26, 2020

A vintage-inspired reinterpretation of a traditional Oris aviation watch out of the domed crystal covering the dial to the transparent sapphire case back. From the new hues of the chocolatey black dial to the background blues. Some watches exude ideas which take you on relaxing and long trips down memory lane to a time when […]

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Renault’s recently launched Boao, Dingzhi series of commemorative mechanical watches.

May 15, 2020

It is said that mechanical watches are condensed with the wisdom of countless people, and have realized many amazing technologies between square inches, showing nobleness and charm. I also really fell in love with mechanical watches after I bought Renault watches. The charm of mechanical watches is really great, not only helps to enhance personal […]

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Rolex has absolute confidence and guarantees the purity of its diamonds to be IF

May 14, 2020

Rolex’s headquarters is located in Geneva. Someone once said that in addition to being rigorous, Rolex’s entire factory and assembly line seem to find no other words to describe it. The reason Rolex is able to make the mens watch to the extreme, to be perfect, from its emphasis on testing can definitely give a […]

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The error of watch may be caused by three parts

May 13, 2020

Generally, the errors of the skeleton watch are caused by three parts. The first is the reason of the watch itself, whether it carries a high-precision movement, whether the movement parts are magnetized, and whether the parts operate normally. The second is environmental factors. Excessive temperature difference will cause changes in running in between parts, […]

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Many people say that the first sight of a man is shoes or watches

May 12, 2020

Many people say that the first sight of a man is a shoe or a watch. A pair of clean shoes and a quality watch really reflect the taste of men. Time is equivalent to the concept of time. A punctual man is often a very responsible man, and a down-to-earth man is often a […]

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Are rarone mechanical watches good or OMEGA quartz watches?

May 11, 2020

If it is only worn as an ordinary decoration, I think the quartz watch is good. Quartz watches have accurate travel time, low cost and simple maintenance. Generally speaking, more than a few hundred pieces of quartz watches, after two or three years of wear, as long as the movement is not filled with water […]

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Watches show us a person’s taste

May 5, 2020

In modern life, a watch is not only a tool for us to master time. In my opinion, it is an ornament that shows one’s taste and one’s status. Now the quality of life of the people has improved, and everyone’s requirements for external images are also increasing, so it is very important to choose […]

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Steel belt watches should also be professionally cleaned regularly

May 4, 2020

Regular professional cleaning, steel belt watches should also be taken regularly for professional cleaning, because when the metal bracelet is worn for a long time, there will be stains in the seam between the steel belts, at this time we should take it to a professional watch repair shop , Use an ultrasonic cleaner to […]

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Mechanical watch maintenance knowledge

April 30, 2020

Some people are also affected by the nature of their work, because mens watches are afraid of falling and water, so for some jobs, wearing a watch will hinder the work, and you do n’t know much about the watch, so you will feel that the watch is like an ordinary accessory. Dispensable.

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Reef Tiger Aurora Ocean Speed Men’s Watch Integrated Personality And Charm Into The Creation

March 1, 2017

Ocean Reef Tiger Aurora Ocean Speed Men’s Watch integrated personality and charm into the creation, the first time debuted Aurora series ocean watch. The large size of watch case (diameter 44 mm), the towering bubble-like crystal lens (thickness 8 mm), and the twisted zoomable visual effect dial, all of these bring a different experience of […]

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