Christopher Ward’s genius marketing philosophy

Christopher Ward is among the most respected watch companies. With headquarters and design offices and its fabrication located in Biel, Switzerland, Christopher Ward appreciates exactly what every country has to offer.
In 2016, Christopher Ward declared a rebranding, including introducing new watches, a new logo along with a brand-new site. The watches also now have coherent layout plot across all ranges and a singular appearance. According to the brand, the re-branding was essential to attract new buyers. As greater than 50% of the watches it sells will be to new buyers, this turned out to be a move. Christopher Ward has buyers from 109 countries, with a majority from the United Kingdom and North America. In North America alone, the newest is currently selling about 5,000 watches. Shying away from celebrity endorsers and expensive sponsorships, Christopher Ward has remained true to the fair advertising philosophy of giving watch fans high-quality Swiss watches through fair and fair pricing.
According to the brand, whatever the price of this product of this watch, it multiplies by three, including taxation, and that is the selling cost of this watch. And this doctrine has been working for them for the past 15 years now. They’re ready to do it they do not engage the services of sponsorships and celebrity endorsers. And number two, they market their watches on line to their customers. This eliminates additional cost margins from retail assumptions that are expensive and vendors.