Corum – 15th Corum Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel 2017

After three days of competition, Team Corum Watches Youtube composed of Patrick Maleitzke, Philip Sommer and Lukas Sdrenka won the 15th Corum Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel by a superior 12.5-6. Team Corum was accompanied on the winning path by a goal difference of plus 20.5, one of the best results ever achieved in Kitzbühel (10-2 / 7-1 / 12.5-6). Each player received a Corum Bubble Luminova timepiece.
There’s a great deal of debate on the subject of watches as art. Although a watch should not be art to be of note, I am a firm believer in their own potential to straddle the bounds of function, form, and philosophy where appropriate. In the instance of the Corum Bubble watches, it seems to be a brand’s effort at creating a pure objet d’art. It is correct, the Corum Bubble watches aren’t really like anything else that the brand makes (or much like whatever anyone leaves, for that matter), however they are designed to be beautiful items, which is something they have in common with other timepieces bearing the Corum logo.The dedication to the sphere in these bits is staggeringly unwavering. In my opinion, this group works simply because it is so unconcerned with anything but the most loyal realisation of its own unique idea. To take advantage of the re-release opportunity, Corum has partnered with famous cymbal producer Paiste. Paiste have been enlisted to make a exceptional dial for your Corum Bubble Paiste unique edition watch. The dial of this Corum Bubble Paiste is a tiny cymbal made by Paiste in exactly the same way they’d earn a full-size cymbal. I’m quietly confident it would work as intended have been it removed from the home and attached to some kit, but even if it’s just for display, it seems great.It works particularly well when put behind the magnifying lens of the Corum Bubble watches. The mottled surface of the cymbal jumps out at you — an ever-present reminder of their crafts and techniques that have gone into the creation of this particularly out-there wristwatch. The brass cymbal set within the PVD-coated black case is a great contrast. The Corum Bubble Paiste watch does not boast the Super-LumiNova of the Op-art watches, but it will adhere to an attractively muted bi-colour plot of black and brass as a result.The Corum Bubble Op-art watches are powered with the CO082 automatic movement, which operates at 28,800vph, also has a power reserve of 42 hours. The Corum Bubble Paiste uses the CO110, which has the same 25.6mm dimension and technical specifications because the CO082. The cases are made from PVD-coated stainless steel, and are water resistant to 100 metres.

CEO of Corum Trapeze Watch Price Davide Traxler said “This is our first time in Kitzbühel and I am proud to associate Corum with this major event which is also a great platform for us as we share an identical target group of customers. It has been three extraordinary days and Corum is not only proud to support this fabulous sport but also this impressive team.”

The 15th Snow Polo World Cup was held in Kitzbühel from Thursday 12th January until Sunday 15th January. And, for the first time, Corum was the main sponsor of the competition. The event is regarded as the world’s largest polo tournament on snow and shines with action-packed equestrian and elegant ambiance. More than 400 guests attended the event each day and the brand welcomed some of its most important international clients to discover three days of adrenaline, speed and elegance.