Corum – Bubble America First & Bubble Brexit

Bubble America First & Bubble Brexit

The United States celebrates Independence Day and Corum is giving prominence to the colours associated with the land of Uncle Sam. True to the grandeur and power of the country, the watch brand has chosen to immortalise not one, but two nations on its dial.

Bubble America First & Bubble Brexit

Big Bubble in titanium, limited edition of 87 pieces.

This is how the United Kingdom’s tricolour flag also came to be represented on the dial, suitably enlarged thanks to the legendary magnifying effect of the Bubble’s sapphire crystal.

Corum unveils two Big Bubble with a 52 mm case, sporting proudly the Stars & Stripes of the American flag. Four other Bubblée 47 models complement the collection.

In keeping with the bubble style unique to Corum, the Swiss watchmaker proudly exhibits the colours of both nations, united in their exceptional power.

Bubble America First & Bubble Brexit

Bubble 47 in stainless steel, limited edition of 87 pieces.

Ah, for a collector. These days, there are some of items you may get yourself into thanks to the broad range of the Internet. Want to begin collecting golden-age comics? Start your search on the internet. How about something more esoteric like, say, vintage safety razors. Of course, the more established things, like coins and stamps, have areas on the web you can go to. If you want to start blending these collections, however, then it gets a little more tricky. For 50 years now, coin collectors have had a very notable watch that they could aspire to accumulate from Corum. Since we’re currently at that golden anniversary, it should be no surprise that we finally have the Corum Watches Uk Coin Watch 50th Anniversary model.Now, we’ll need to provide the brand a small amount of latitude when it comes to observing this anniversary — the very first Corum Coin Watch was introduced in 1964, and naturally, we’re currently in 2015 (51 decades after). How to get around that little detail? Well, by using coins created in 2014. And, besides the hole drilled in them to find the central arbor through, there are no visible alterations into the coin.Provided the sapphire crystal upward top stays in one piece, it is probably a coin that won’t ever see any other modifications or wear. As is appropriate for your Corum Coin Watch, the faces of the case (36mm for its golden, 43mm for the silver) feature a coin edge — possibly the best use of this particular finishing trick. In my eyes, the bezel surrounding the crystal also has the look of a coin, which provides the appearance, subsequently, of simply having a coin having some lugs attached which is sitting in your own wrist.I myself have never been a coin collector (however, I think I have some birth-year coins kicking around), so I’m definitely not the target for the 50th Anniversary edition of the Corum Coin Watch. Nevertheless, when it comes to a watch with an overall theme, this really is about the simplest, cohesive illustration I could maintain up. If you would like to pick up one for yourself (or your own great-great grandson, according to the marketing materials), then you can either purchase one individually, or get yourself a set — as a fantastic coin collector does, I suppose. There will be 100 of every made available, together with all the 22kt gold version going for $22,400, and the .925 silver controlling a cost of $12,100. If you end up collecting both coins and watches, well then, I cannot think of a better view to showcase both passions at precisely the exact same time.