Corum – Diamonds are Booba’s best friend

Diamonds are booba’s best friend

Booba doesn’t count sheep any more…now he counts the 31 carats of diamonds on his Corum watch. The rapper received the one-of-a-kind model from Corum Marketing Director Frédéric Layani. With a thousand diamonds, it was made to be as brilliant as its new owner. This Bubble engraved D.U.C just sealed the partnership deal – a product of the artist’s true love for Corum’s exquisitely unique pieces and craftsmanship.

Booba raps a lot about watches and diamonds, so it’s no big surprise his lyrics are on this custom-made watch. As loyal as ever, Corum followed him past the point of no return… Fist raised high, now Booba’s wrist is adorned with 1,017 diamonds and 12 baguette-cut sapphires. Diamonds set on gold and a case that houses the famous CO 055 skeleton movement, the watch is enhanced by the sublimely unique box.

Since both watches and coins are often thought of “collectibles,” it creates a certain amount of sense to blend the two and lure aficionados of both parties. The version proved to be a massive success for Corum, who have released numerous versions over the years such as the 50th Anniversary Edition we covered previously. This year, a new trio of Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches have already been announced, making use of American coins in addition to a considerably rarer (for the brand) commemorative coin from Israel.Corum were set in 1955, which makes them relatively youthful by Swiss watchmaker standards. Their early success was defined by golden watches in the Art Nouveau design, like the Chinese design and Admiral versions. The very first Coin watch combined the new styling having an abysmal movement fitted within a sliced-in-two American gold coin, developing a exceptional dress watch using both exclusivity and patriotic appeal.As a naturally patriotic emblem, Corum points out that many American presidents have worn Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watches, such as George Bush Sr, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton, in addition to artists like Andy Warhol.Three new versions of their Corum Heritage Artisans Coin Watch have been released this year. We’ll begin by having a look at the golden model, reference C082/03167, which features an American Liberty Head Double Eagle 20 dollar gold coin.

Diamonds are booba’s best friend

French rapper Booba and his diamonds Bubble watch © Corum