Corum – Golden Bridge Stream

Golden Bridge Stream

To create these delicate intersecting curves, Corum Watches History chose to draw inspiration from a major current in contemporary architecture: streamlining. Spanning the 1930s to the 1960s, it originated in the United States at the same time as objects began to be mass-produced. The style is distinguished by its flowing, extremely dynamic curves.

There’s a lot of discussion on the topic of watches as artwork. Even though a watch needn’t be art to be of notice, I am a firm believer in their own capability to straddle the bounds of purpose, shape, and philosophy where appropriate. In the case of the Corum Bubble watches, it seems to be a brand’s attempt at developing a pure objet d’art. It is correct, the Corum Bubble watches are not love anything else that the brand makes (or much like anything anybody leaves, for that matter), however they are intended to be beautiful things, that is something they have in common with different timepieces bearing the Corum logo.The dedication to the world in these pieces is staggeringly unwavering. In my opinion, this collection works simply because it is so unconcerned with anything but the most faithful realisation of its own unique concept. To take advantage of the re-release opportunity, Corum has partnered with famous cymbal manufacturer Paiste. Paiste have been enlisted to create a unique dial to get the Corum Bubble Paiste special edition watch. The dial of the Corum Bubble Paiste is a very small cymbal made by Paiste at exactly the exact same manner they’d make a full size cymbal. I’m quietly confident it would function as intended were it removed from the home and attached to a kit, but even if it’s only for show, it seems great.It works particularly well when set behind the magnifying lens of the Corum Bubble watches. The mottled surface of the cymbal jumps out at you — an ever-present reminder of the crafts and skills which have become the creation of the especially out-there wristwatch. The brass cymbal placed within the PVD-coated black instance is a good contrast. The Corum Bubble Paiste watch does not boast the Super-LumiNova of the Op-art watches, but it does adhere to a attractively muted bi-colour plot of black and brass as a result.The Corum Bubble Op-art watches are powered with the CO082 automatic movement, which operates at 28,800vph, also includes a power reserve of 42 hours. The Corum Bubble Paiste employs the CO110, which has the exact same 25.6mm dimension and technical specifications as the CO082.

The Golden Bridge Stream draws on this parallel today. After it was first presented in 1980, the Golden Bridge also dictated a new style. The watchmaking world was gripped by an aesthetic shift very similar to the spirit of streamlining: the ultimate fusion of shape and substance, where every last component becomes a determining part of the piece’s overall style. 

Golden Bridge Stream

Combining cutting-edge micromechanics and monumental architecture, its automatic baguette- shaped movement forms a symbolic bridge featuring decoration inspired by San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge. The clear sapphire crystal reveals meticulous craftsmanship: a perfect miniaturisation of the structure of the Californian suspension bridge. Two gold models – one of which showcases a red lacquered microstructure – are available as very exclusive editions of 88 pieces.

Made entirely from gold, the piece is powered by an automatic movement that is wound by two parallel linear weights. Spanning 42 mm, it presents carefully considered and balanced lines, be they straight or curved, long or broken, to create a unique architecture. The case of the Golden Bridge Stream highlights this balance by playing with the tensions between clean-cut edges, sharp horns and a curved sapphire crystal.