Corum – A happy winner

The lucky winner of the WorldTempus-Corum contest of January 2018 is:

  • Mrs Adella Gonzalez, from Covington, USA

She won the Corum Bubble 47 Digital watch, worth CHF 1,500.

Congratulations! The winner will be contacted by e-mail. If we do not receive a reply within 7 days we will draw another winner.

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It’s really about time Corum Watches Diamonds returned the most popular Bubble watch – a timepiece collection that originally came out in the year 2000 and served a significant contemporary role in the new history. Finally, the Corum Bubble watch collection was stopped, probably because Corum began to go a bit nuts with a few silly limited edition versions – which, looking back today, are pretty damn cool. For Baselworld 2015, the Corum Bubble is back, and I finally have reason to look closely at the newest again.I remember a few years back meeting with Corum in Baselworld and asking about the Bubble and if we could see one again. Someone sneered at me remarking that “we do not think that’s ideal for the brand anymore. We’ve moved past that.” “Okay…” is all I could react with, and we moved on to seeing more new variants of this Admirals Cup and Golden Bridge collection. I’ve always enjoyed Corum, but over the last few years, the fun side of the brand seemed to be diminishing and being replaced with a lot of ill-conceived high-end watches that did nothing to function the image of the brand. I feel that the previous time I wrote about Corum was back in January of 2014 when I had a less than optimistic view of the Corum Chronograph Tourbillon 47 Seafender. Afterwards, the brand decided to stick double tourbillons into an Admiral’s Cup watch, and with their brand new possession by China Haidian Holdings, I more or less assumed that the brand’s appeal for watch fans was (at least temporarily) over. So you can imagine my delighted surprise to hear that the Corum Bubble is back.Not only back, but back with decent prices. In fact, besides some minor changes and a case size that’s been improved to 47mm wide from 45mm wide, the 2015 Corum Bubble is quite similar to how it had been when Corum decided to stop it. Additionally, even though the case is bigger (and sounds really big) the Corum Bubble wears smaller than it is with snub lugs and a case that wraps round your wrist nicely. That said, I am pretty sure that you can imagine that with a title such as the “Bubble,” this watch is thick. The sapphire crystal alone is 8mm thick and the total Corum Bubble watch is 18.8mm thick – but in a trendy manner.