Corum – New Bubble designed by artist Elisabetta Fantone

Corum Bubble Elisabetta Fantone

Exploding in the mind of this late Severin Wunderman, the Corum Bubble watches defied expectations upon launch. The profile of the watch remains remarkably towering, with among those highest-domed crystals I have ever seen. The impact that has on the dial is not possible to ignore. That is appropriate in terms of style fidelity, as it completely adheres to the use of spheres throughout the watch — most clearly about the rubber-ringed crown at 3 o’clock. Furthermore, it manages to stay true to Wunderman’s original vision, which has been motivated by a 1960s dip watch that featured a huge crystal to hold out against the pressure of deep seated exploration. However, is this watch just an homage, or possess Corum upgraded it significantly to appeal to a modern audience?The first major change is the diameter: The new releases all measure 47mm wide and an impressive 18.8mm high. Smartly, however, the lugs are short and curved to enable a close fit to the wrist. Of the 18.8mm of elevation, 8mm of this is down to the sapphire crystal alone. This is apparently no mean feat: obtaining a perfect finish on a Sapphire part of the depth, curvature, and necessary consistency is real obstacle. Corum achieves this unusual impact by beginning with a block of crystal and squeezing it to some bubble-like shape, prior to polishing to absolute clarity.To make the most of this attribute, the designers of this Corum Bubble watches, chose to match the timepieces with “Op-art” (optical-art) dials. These clever patterns provide the sense of movement, as well as depth and shadow. Although level, the dials have a degree of existence. There will be two Corum Bubble Op-Art watches available at a limited run of 350 pieces each: The Corum Bubble Drop watch has a brownish PVD-coated case and a “ripple” effect dial; the Corum Bubble Sphere2 is coated in blue PVD and features an “atom-inspired” pattern on the dial. Both watches utilise Super-LumiNova on the palms. The Op-art dials are motivated by the work of Victor Vasarely, a French artist of Hungarian descent and the creator that the Op-art movement. The magnifying sapphire crystal has such an affect on the horizontal dials that they appear to be sharply domed themselves. With this particular design leaping out of this watch, it’s easier to understand why this crazy contraption has so many fans all over the world. The two watches are fitted with rubber straps wrapped with leather, using a buckle matching their individual case finishes. The straps begin at 24mm between the lugs and taper to 20mm at the buckle.

In keeping with Fantone’s singular style, her work references and reimagines a face that is recognizable to all, the Mona Lisa. “In my latest work I was stimulated by some of the world’s greatest artists of yesterday and today,” Fantone writes.

The artist’s inspiration aligns well with Corum Watches Online India Bubble’s modern twist of vintage fashion. First introduced in 2000, the Bubble was modeled after the 1960 Rolex Deep Sea Special, an experimental dive watch which kept ticking from the bottom of the ocean and back. Out of this striking innovation, a new style was born with a thick sapphire crystal enclosing and magnifying the center dial. This creates an optical illusion through the gem-like lens which encapsulates the uniquely original designs.

Corum Bubble Elisabetta Fantone

Although Fantone often finds fuel for her work in the pop art of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, for this piece, she traveled deeper in time to find the face that would fit the frame. Looking out from a pane of crystal, the tilted head and the familiar smile of Mona Lisa is counterbalanced by a white chest shrouded in a tapestry of colorful collage. The option of a silver or vibrant purple watchcase playfully compliment the image, while the silver curve of the hands delicately trace the design.