Delfina Delettrez Fendi Collaborates with Policromia for Watch Collection

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Delfina Delettrez Fendi keeps the brand’s heritage alive by introducing fine timepieces and baubles. The fourth generation member of the Fendi family now collaborates with the Italian brand, Policromia, for an unmatch collection of haute joaillerie watches. She elaborates on this line in an exclusive interview with us.

How did you become interested in design and where did you study it?
My family and my mother have always been an inspiration to me. I grew up surrounded by exceptional women united by talent and creativity—all with very strong yet different personalities, but in some ways complementary. By living with them, I learned to appreciate the aesthetic value of everything that surrounds me. Female energy is really predominant in my family. It gave me the inspiration, curiosity and will to develop my own taste.

How did you settle on jewellery design?
It all happened while I was pregnant. Pregnancy dilates time and forces you to be patient, while I had always wanted everything at once. At that moment, time is marked by another, something that is not you but that is growing inside you. From there it felt like creating jewellery as talismans, objects that had an aesthetic and therefore an inherent power.

When you were asked to design an haute joaillerie watch—your first—did you have a vision for it? Did you have a muse or an idea of what kind of woman you were designing for?
I like to design what has not been designed yet, going beyond existing things; this is perfectly in line with Fendi’s motto that ‘nothing is impossible’. I thought to Policromia with a reminder to a surreal Goddess living in a far world—a powerful and feminine divinity with mystic powers and virtues influencing time and shaping future. This word reminds me of the idea of combining multiple stones on different surfaces creating something like modern talismans.

How does Policromia fit in with your design philosophy?
Policromia definitely reflects my aesthetics! I love its 3D effect, the watch’s bold shape with the unique design of the dial made of different layers. It creates a really unique shape! And then the mix of materials: malachite, lapis lazuli, obsidian and other precious stones are blended together with mother-of-pearl, gold, and diamonds, giving life to a perfect modern mosaic, natural yet technological.

In terms of creative processes, how similar was it to designing jewellery?
They are similar because of the highest attention to detail and savoir-faire to create exclusive pieces, but certainly, there were some issues I hadn’t taken into account early in the design process of the watch. For example, there wasn’t a part for applying the sapphire surface in my initial draft design. The final Policromia’s dial design is elegantly small because I knew the sapphire surface was a must, I had to shrink the dial and expand other parts. I worked closely with my team for about six months. I needed to complete this mosaic-like design on the dial and use a variety of precious materials in the watch. It was a new challenge to all of us even though there were
highly expert artists and craftsmen in the team.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is eclectic and mystic, the same qualities I have decided to infuse into Policromia. It blends tradition and innovation, values dear to me and to Fendi. This watch has a strong power; its vibes attract a self-confident woman looking for the highest sophistication.

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