Drake is out here flexing with his Patek Philippe Nautilus review

It’s going to require more than the usual shelter-in-place order to keep watch obsessives away from their wristwear. In March, a RolexForum user requested the group if they were still wearing their watches . The replies spilled in:”Of course.” “Yup, everyday.” And:”Why would not you want to put on it in your home?” Celebrities, too, won’t allow self-isolation get in the method of displaying their very best timepieces. There are still’match pics, IGTV episodes, and even snapshots from workouts to flex for. For Drake, a household photoshoot was reason enough to bring not one but two Patek Philippe watches, both which would be the crown jewel in anyone else’s collection. In this edition of Watches of the Weekwe run through the top watches we have clocked since the world hit the pause button in March.
You know the Nautilus: it is the unexpected grail watch that leads normal collectors suck up to boutiques and wait years to get their hands on. In other words: extraordinary. Well, even extraordinary does not quite cut it for Drake. Along with also the one featured in this photo is a limited-edition variant of the scarce piece: just 1,300 pieces of this 40th-anniversary model were published in 2016. The watch is embossed with a collection of numbers (1976-40-2016) commemorating the anniversary, and ten diamonds stand in for hour mark.

Patek Philippe

But because Drake is nothing if not a show-off (see: his jet, his palace), one killer watch was not sufficient for his relatives. In another photograph with his son Adonis, he wears a Patek Philippe mention 5271P–a watch having a gorgeous black dial and a bezel set with 58 baguette diamonds. There’s just one excuse for why Drake unleashed two watches at once: he was not concealing his watches in the entire world, he was concealing the entire world out of his watches.
A approximately $470 G-Shock watch feels like an odd selection for John Mayer, who is best known for collecting unique Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet watches. But ever since Mayer outed himself as a serious watch collector at the first part of last decade, he’s been convinced to clearly define his preference to include all watches. “I adore Patek Philippe endless calendars just slightly more than that I dig the Casio Frogman G-Shock–but for different reasons–and in case you are wearing either, chances are I’ll sidle around to you and begin a conversation about it,” he composed Hodinkee at 2012.

Patek Philippe watch

The G-Shock Mayer worn during a recent installment of”Current Mood” is a release from 2015 made to withstand mud, hardscrabble surroundings, and intense vibrations. It is a watch that looks like it could demanding it through anything–a indication of battle-readiness out of Mayer during trying times.