Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Watch Guide

The Apple Watch was teased for a great while now but now Apple CEO Tim Cook finally shed some light to the company’s foray into the smartwatch marketplace.
Talking at a keynote conference in San Francisco, Cook revealed everything we can expect from the product which may just make Apple a 1tn firm.
Calling the stainless steel, sapphire crystal screen device the’most advanced timepiece ever created’, Cook filled us in on those long-awaited details.
The Apple Watch is accurate to 15 milliseconds of this Coordinated Universal Time regular, meaning it is perhaps the most accurate watch on the market, smart or otherwise.

Apple Watch

Display-wise, a range of faces are available, from a simple hands-only screen to an digital encounter, and — strangely — just one expressing time via a blooming flower (nous neither). Each face will probably be customizable, letting you add details to the screen such as the date, a stopwatch and a reminder for the next meeting.