Gentleman Warfare V-1 Gent Watch Review


My name is Ilan Srulovicz, the founder of Egard Watches which initially started as a tribute watch for my father Peter. My new watch, the Gentleman Warfare V-1 Gent watch is a natural extension of my passion, and it seeks to bring a contemporary, cool aesthetic at a great price point.As with most watch enthusiasts, watches have always meant more than just telling the time to me – they were a way to define important moments, and Egard has allowed me to express that.

Gentleman Warfare V-1 Gent Watch Watch Releases

I wanted to create something that would fill the gap in the market of a timepiece that was inspired by those but at a more affordable price point.There has always been a specific look that Egard has maintained, and I was always inspired by brands like SevenFriday, Panerai, as well as Bell & Ross who brought a vintage/industrial feel to their collections.  Specifically, US$265 is the price point I settled on. There are 5 variations of the collection and one additional limited-edition engraved version.

I had been working on and designing this timepiece for about a year and a half when I finished the prototype about 4 months ago and got ready for the launch. The timepiece captures the essence of the above brands while offering its own look and feel. SevenFriday gave us an awesome blessing and shout out on Instagram which meant a lot as they always inspired me with their designs as innovators.



Gentleman Warfare V-1 Gent Watch Watch Releases

For me, case quality is everything. We make all our cases from scratch in our factory. I have always been attracted to cushion cases and this was my version of one, coming in a 45mm lugless design. This was important to me as I wanted to hit a middle ground for size vs wrist presence.The interesting part of the case is that despite being on the upper end of the spectrum for size it really fits more like a 42mm to 43mm watch on the wrist.

I also opted for a very high-end form of plating which we call AA grade coating that has a much thicker micron plating than the industry standard, making the pieces far more durable. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a coated watch scratches and you see the steel underneath… That won’t happen with our pieces.Gentleman Warfare V-1 Gent Watch Watch Releases

The one pictured above is our Bronze Edition which had its own method of construction using both gold and bronze over our steel cases and then antiqued to create the look you now see. This is probably the most steampunk version out of the collection but definitely has a cool look and feel. I have a weird place in my heart for bronze and brown dials…

Gentleman Warfare V-1 Gent Watch Watch Releases

As for movement, I opted for the Miyota 82S7. It is the same movement I used on the Egard Passages watch which was made with William Shatner. I have always had a soft spot for this movement and Miyota movements in general. They are fantastic, well-priced movements that are sturdy and accurate, and the 82S7 specifically has an incredibly unique look that is immediately recognizable. The two subdials with the open heart window on the dial are very specific to it.

I changed the subdials to disks instead of hands to add an additional level of uniqueness to the timepiece. I also added Swiss Super-LumiNova to the subdials and hand tips, which I feel in the dark makes the timepiece stand out.Gentleman Warfare V-1 Gent Watch Watch Releases

Here’s pet peeve number two for me on a timepiece. You buy a new watch… it’s great, and then 6 months later the strap is falling apart. The strap is I made is top-grade leather and is extremely thick and durable. This allows it to be much stronger and last much longer. I don’t suggest going to war with it, like our brand name somewhat suggests, but for everyday rugged purposes it will do its job.Gentleman Warfare V-1 Gent Watch Watch Releases The dial itself is a multi-layered, multi-textured design. The lines in the background of the dial change depending on how much light is hitting it. I have always liked designs that change depending on their environment. I try to incorporate this however I can… Whether it’s carbon fiber or the texture we used here… or a domed sapphire crystal that distorts the dial at extreme angles. The hands are a variation inspired by SevenFriday, but it was important for me to maintain a level of readability that was still functional at a glance.Gentleman Warfare V-1 Gent Watch Watch Releases

I was lucky enough to hit the stretch goal and release a limited-edition engraved version of the timepiece. I am currently having it made in our factory to show everyone, but the render below is quite accurate to how the engraving will look. This version is currently available for $325.00. And again, the price for the standard model is $265.00. I’d be honored for everyone to take a look at the Kickstarter campaign and help make this piece a success!

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