Guess Watches and Future Plans


After offering her expertise to Guess timepieces for years, Cindy Livingston is finally ready to bid aidue. The Global President and CEO of Sequel AG, a brand handling Guess, she talks about her journey, the latest watches and leaving the company on a high note.


So this is your last Baselworld.
This is my 25th Baselworld; I’ve been here a long time. It will be fine because we have lots of great people in the company, and I kind of need to push the restart button on my life, so I’m going to take some time off and do some things.

So what are you planning to do after this?
I’m going to do fundraising for Hillary Clinton. So I’m very excited about that. And that’s kind of a great thing because there’s a start and a finish date. I broke my ankle and it’s not fine yet, so I’m going to spend some time in Bali doing lots of physiotherapy. I’ve got some trips planned. I’m going to take a cruise to the northern French cities and go to Normandy, which I’ve always wanted to do. And I have girlfriends all over the world that are just begging me to come visit them. So I had to finally say, ‘Stop. Let’s save some stuff for 2017’.


Now tell me about the company. I’m sure you’ve set some plans in place.
Absolutely! The Gc brand has done some really beautiful things in Swiss movements. And it’s more fashionable, but it makes it more of an affordable price when you’re buying levels of fashion. And I think some of the new products that we have in Gc are the most beautiful things we’ve ever done. And in Guess, we’ve done some really fun fashion colouration, but what I’m still excited about is the Connect launch. We were surprised, we felt like the male-oriented watch would be the stronger piece, but the number one selling star was the women’s white watch with stones.

So when one buys a Guess Connect watch, do they need to update it with a new one every two years?
No, the app will be upgraded depending on when we add or subtract a feature. So it’s not like the phone. As far as I’m concerned, people will buy a watch to update it because they like the design. And the fact that ours works with iOS and Android is a big plus for us because we sell in so many different countries around the world and some countries have more iOS users, while other countries have more Android users. We want you to buy a new watch because you love the styling and the fashion, but not because you’re going to have to upgrade the watch for its software.