Guide To Buying A Pre-Basel 2014: Introducing the Blancpain Villeret 8 days time-only Having a grand feu Tooth dial Replica Watches Young Professional

This will be the next showing in North America following Las Vegas in January.For that the duration of the display, CH Premier will soon be incorporating an extensive selection of Fifty Fathom timepieces. This collection embodies Blancpain’s enthusiasm for the underwater world since 1953 by creating the very first modern dive watch. Each Fifty Fathom version features the signature elements from the initial diver’s watch and design options based on the dangers and necessities in the diving world. Latest editions added to the group pay tribute to the leaders of diving, whose passion and dedication has continued to inspire Blancpain to make timepieces with technological progress and advanced materials for submerged explorations.On May 5, 2016, CH Premier and Blancpain will soon be hosting an evening cocktail reception and talking involvement with Blancpain US Brand President, David Gely, at which he will discuss the brand’s longstanding connection to the underwater world and its dedication to preserving and protecting the world’s oceans.We invite visitors of all ages to explore and discover the underwater world through stunning images and learn about the ecological initiatives Blancpain supports to explore, protect, and preserve the planet’s ocean. Blancpain will earn a charitable donation in the sum of 1,000 Euros for every watch sold in the limited series.

A month before Baselworld 2014 Blancpain has taken the covers off the new Villeret time-only wristwatch with an eight day power reserve and a grand feu enamel dial, equipped with the cal. 1335.

Blancpain watches tend to be conservatively styled but made to a high standard in terms of materials, fit and finish. This new Villeret is no exception. With a 42 mm case in rose gold, the Villeret 8 Days is typically Blancpain in style, with a thin bezel, small lugs, leaf hands, and of course Roman numerals on its grand feu enamel dial.

Fired multiple times at 1000°C, the grand feu (literally translated as “great fire” but referring to enamel or porcelain baked at high temperatures) enamel dial has numerals and text which are painted in enamel and then fired alongside the dial itself. This is more complex to execute, and also more durable, than the commonplace printed texts on dials. 

One tell-tale sign the dial is fired enamel, instead of lacquer, is the thickness of the dial visible in the aperture of the date window.

The movement is the in-house cal. 1335, which has an eight day power reserve – that’s a 192 hours – and a rotor decorated with honeycomb guilloche.

Pricing has yet to be announced.