The Hermes Introduces Three Limited Edition Luxury Watches

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When it comes to creating luxe timepieces, Hermès has to its credit some of the most classy and elegant models. Upholding its reputation, the French brand introduced three new watches at the second edition of the Crafting Time exhibition in Paris.

Hermès, along with artist Guillaume Airiaud, has presented a luxe, art-inspired line of timepieces that are just right for the discerning. The brand has used unique horology techniques such as enamelling, engraving and gem-setting to craft these new pieces.

The first piece is the Arceau Pocket Ailes et Ecailles, which is limited to only two pieces. With it Hermès creates a delicate melange of the art of scarab beetle elytra marquetry, engraving and miniature enamel painting.

The other two watches take after the brand’s Médor chrono. The Médor Secrète is encrusted in white diamonds to create a precious jewellery cuff watch. The other, Médor Serti Baguette, uses the delicate art of invisible gem setting to adorn the pyramids of the leather strap. Both of these are limited edition too.

These exceptional timepieces will be on display at the Crafting Time exhibition in Paris till July 15th, 2016.

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