HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 94 – My Megalodon Ate Your Panerai

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 94 - My Megalodon Ate Your Panerai HourTime Show

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 94 - My Megalodon Ate Your Panerai HourTime Show

Guess what everyone, we have yet a new podcast host! The technical drama continues and so does the watch love. Goodbye, Mevio – hello Podbean!

The Benerus Megalodon Titanium, 4 (four) inches in diameter – okay, wait, maybe it’s only 47mm, but seems like 53mm – is discussed, along with the topic of social interaction and watches. We ask watchmakers to make a watch that will survive a journey to the sun’s core.

The SIHH 2012 Roger Dubuis Watch Box blue laser Mission Impossible/Matrix -esque experience is related by Ariel and the Roger Dubuis Pulsion Watches (he describes in detail in his write-up here) are discussed. Ariel is sick of the retro watch thing, so he likes the risks the Pulsion takes.

John finds a way again to mention the Orange Monster.

You guys think we are down on Panerai, so we express our true feelings.

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Roger Dubuis is a Swiss luxury watch company. Roger Dubuis Watch Cost was set in 1980. Its name is based on the founder Roger Dubuis (the co-founder has been Carlos Dias). The Roger Dubuis watches price list is released by the brand is a benchmark point if the watch you’re interested in is a Roger Dubuis copy or unique watch. There rarely are Roger Dubuis watches available because the brand is in high demand along with the Roger Dubuis price is at the higher end of the market. WatchTime covers Roger Dubuis watch news, blog articles, updates and other articles about Roger Dubuis watches too as Roger Dubuis watch infos, plus Roger Dubuis reviews. Roger Dubuis watches are available globally.For their own SIHH preview, Roger Dubuis, the brand known for advanced materials used on sporty and skeletonized watches, announced two new timepieces — the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli along with the Excalibur Aventador S. Both watches further extend the Excalibur line, remain true to the brand’s penchant for skeletonization, and farther the brand’s new connection with Lamborghini.As component of this Excalibur collection, both watches possess the familiar, competitive case design and identical proportions in 45mm wide and 14mm thick. The Excalibur Aventador S includes a more complex case with various pieces made from titanium, carbon fiber, and rubberized. The bezel is pink, with black markings which give it the competitive appearance. The crown is pink with a rubber sleeve or covering. The Excalibur Spider Pirelli chooses to be a bit more controlled, and opts for a monochromatic look with lots of titanium (with black DLC) and rubberized.