Hublot Presents the Class Fusion Italia Independent Collection for Baselworld 2017 | Lifestyle |


Continuing its collaboration with design brand Italia Independent and entrepreneur Lapo Elkann, Hublot has unveiled a new watch collection called the Classic Fusion Italia Independent. The collection reimagines its Classic Fusion model and is the third line of watches designed by the duo since 2014 when the partnership started. What’s different this time is that they have focused on the Classic Fusion model instead of the popular Big bang one, which was based on the previous two collections.


hublot classic fusion


Unveiled for Baselworld 2017, the straps of these watches use checkered fabrics sourced from London-based luxury clothing brand, Rubinacci. These patterns are not just limited to the strap but are also extended to the dials. These chronographs come in three dial options including, titanium, ceramic, and gold.