Have A Conversation with Nathalie Colin of Swarovski

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Nathalie Colin, Creative Director, Swarovski, on completing a decade at Swarovski, even as she envisions the next 10 years.

Why should someone choose crystal?
One can be on-trend and modern because with crystal, we can shape it the way we want. For instance, one can follow the trend— organic, geometric or even colours—and shape it the way we want to innovate. Secondly, you don’t have to worry so much that someone will steal your jewellery. You can wear it in a more relaxed way; stack it with some of your vintage or family jewellery to create a nice personal mix.

You’ve completed 10 years at Swarovski. Congratulations!
Time has gone by so quickly. And that’s because there were so many projects and activities, so many things that happened across these 10 years, that I didn’t have time to pause and to think, so it was really intense. And it still is and it’s a company with so many projects and ideas that time flies.

Are there any moments that stand out over the others?

One was definitely the first collection that I launched for Swarovski. The other moment is about building the team, who are still with me, understanding the vision. Another key milestone for me was in 2009 when we launched the watch because when you look at it today, it’s one of the growing engines of Swarovski together with jewellery. Another milestone is the new style of jewellery that is more colourful and on trend—something that pushes the boundaries.

Of all the watches that you have this year, which is your favourite piece?
I think I have two. The first is the Crystalline Hours because it’s full of crystals, yet remains sleek and modern with an automatic movement, which is a first in the collection. We designed this watch wondering: How could we maximise the use of crystals on the watch? So, you have 4,000 stones—facetted crystal—in this watch. The other one is called Alegria. There is a rose gold version that I love very much. With this one, I think it’s a perfect colour. It’s a nice evening watch. When you mix it with bangles, it makes a nice story.

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