Vacheron Constantins Overseas Photography Exhibition

  • All About Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas Tour at SIHH 2016

Given the exploratory nature of the Overseas collection of watches, the choice of Japan as the location to showcase the photographs was an apt one. Shot by legendary photographer Steve McCurry—renowned for his Afghan Girl image—the series of photos revealed six of the 12 destinations: Padre Tembleque, Mexico; Grand Central Terminal, New York; Chand Baori, Rajasthan, India; Leshan, China; Tsurunoyu, Japan; and Manufacture Vacheron Constantin, Geneva.

Opening with Kyoto in Japan, the watchmaker drew inspiration from the cultural heritage of the city to draw parallels between the traditions of various Japanese arts and that of Swiss watchmaking. By treating guests—who were kitted out in Vacheron Constantin Overseas watches for the day—to a traditional tea ceremony and then letting them try their skills at Ikebana (the Japanese art of flower arrangement), the experience offered a unique insight on culture and the ensuing arts. To round it off, a workshop on the Overseas collection of watches and its evolution over the years, was a fitting tribute to the enriching journey. The gradual progress in design—both external and internal—has received much appreciation by connoisseurs the world over. The overhaul of this historic collection was years in the making—even more so, given the introduction of in-house movements, including three new calibres—and proved to be a milestone for the brand.

From Kyoto, the celebration moved to Tokyo, where it culminated at Terrada Souko over a dinner by Chef Yamada of Yamada Chikara fame. The guests were treated to a special performance by METAFIVE, an electronic fusion act comprising Yukihiro Takahashi, Keigo Oyamada, Yoshinori Sunahara, Towa Tei, Tomohiko Gondo and Leo Imai. On the sidelines were images from the six destinations—remote places, temples, modern-day architecture, and other manmade structures—articulating the ‘spirit of travel’. Inspired by the theme of adventure and exploration, all models bear the Hallmark of Geneva seal and are fitted with easily interchangeable straps—without tools—for convenience and comfort. In addition to the traditional hours-minutes-seconds display (with or without date), the collection also includes chronographs and ultra-thin timepieces.

Images from the remaining six destinations—Morocco, Scotland, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, France and Russia—will be unveiled later this year.

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