Insider: Breitling Transocean Chronograph. A Vintage Looking Chronograph.

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Breitling really surfaced these fresh Superocean Heritage hands on the back of this the quirky limited variant Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronoworks in 2016 (hands on here). The hour hand arrow has a line which bisects it (seemingly for no purpose since the palms are already identifying appearing), and now the minute hand rather dramatically tapers. Again, this can be more in accordance with the look of the actual heritage Superocean watch, but I feel the contemporary Superocean Heritage I did that the hands somewhat better. Not only were the outgoing hands easier on the eyes concerning simplicity, I felt that they were more proportionate to the general appearance of the dial. Now the minute hand feels a bit too skinny most of the time except at the tip – along with the odd angles at the base of the arrow hour hand eliminate from the first’s strength and character. The new hands are certainly somewhat more distinctive, and it is entirely possible that they will grow on me, but at first glance, this is the 1 part of this Superocean Heritage that I thought was a bit better on the first generation model.The lack of a steel ring around the interior portion of this rotating bezel farther makes the Superocean Heritage II seem distinct from the original version. This isn’t an improvement or update, so much as it’s a new style for the modern classic classic in contemporary vintage-style sports watches. The lack of an inner steel ring signifies the color from the bezel can blend in with the dial a little more easily, which makes the most effect on the black-dialed versions of this Superocean Heritage II. This is also true on the blue and brown versions, but on some Superocean Heritage II models Breitling offers contrasting bezels and dials using a silvery dial with a black bezel.
Background Image ©Paramount Pictures.

Background Image ©Paramount Pictures.

The Breitling Transocean is a chronograph that takes you back in time. From its Ocean Classic mesh bracelet to its chrono pushers, this watch looks and feels just like a vintage new old stock piece. Wearing it almost makes you feel like having breakfast at Tiffany’s next to Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. 

The Breitling Transocean Chronograph ref. AB015212.BA99.154A comes with a fully polished stainless steel case measuring 43 mm wide and 14.35 mm thick. The dial on this watch is matte black; however, a blue limited edition version is also available as well as a silver dial with dark gray chrono registers. The convex sapphire crystal is heavily coated with anti-reflective material very typical of Breitling timepieces and the watch is fitted with calibre Breitling 01 providing a power-reserve of approximately 70 hours.

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The dial is simple, yet very elegant. The registers are recessed providing nice depth to the dial configuration and a tachymetre scale is printed on it. The register for the running seconds is located at 9, the chrono-minute register at 3 and a 12-hour chrono register at 6. Date aperture is conveniently located between the 4 and 5 o’clock markers and the calendar wheel is black with a nice white font.

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If you want a watch with the look and feel of the 60s but without the potential headaches of a real vintage piece, this watch is a great option. Sticker price $8,050.   

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