Chopard Talks About the Brand’s Future Plans

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From tribute collections to anniversary editions and more, Caroline Scheufele, Artistic Director and Co-President of Chopard, shares insightful details about her role at the Swiss watch maison and what they intend for the future.

From the Mille Miglia watches to the Happy Diamonds 40th anniversary watch, Chopard presented some truly exciting designs.

Well, yes, we have to and we have two anniversaries—the Happy Diamonds 40 years and the L.U.C Manufacture. So, we’ve been busy on both fronts to come up with very memorable pieces for 2016.

You visited India last September, when you travelled to Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. What can we expect from the brand this year?

For sure we are going to have some activities in India for both anniversaries—Happy Diamonds and L.U.C. We don’t have any precise plans yet, but it’s on the agenda.

And will jewellery feature prominently in your agenda?

I think there’s potential for branded jewellery in India. I think we have to bring it closer to the consumers.

What is your trend forecast for the year?

I wouldn’t say that jewellery and watches are linked to fashion trends, but one trend that we have [noticed] is in the Red Carpet collection. The trend is colours—lots of it—so maybe that can be linked to fashion because fashion is extremely poppy and colourful [right now]. Also, in jewellery, we are seeing sautoirs, but at Chopard, we’ve always had them. Also, in high jewellery, we work a lot with titanium because it’s very light in weight. But to come back to my first observation, for me, colours are the big thing.

Caroline Scheufele, Chopard Talks Shop


There is so much going on with the brand, Fairmined gold being one example. What are your other plans for future?

Well, there is Fairmined gold, but I’m also thinking of Fairmined other products such as precious and semiprecious stones and so on. We are really trying to take this project much further. In high jewellery, our aim is that in the next two three years, all the jewellery should be composed of Fairmined gold. We’ve already extended into one boutique line, and my brother’s vision is to make all the L.U.C watches in Fairmined gold. You always have to set yourself some ambitious goals. For instance, in sports, if you already know how to jump the 100 metres, what’s next? That’s why, you need a coach because they will push you a bit further.

So who’s the coach at Chopard?

Well, it’s the team; I think it is teamwork and team spirit. Of course, I’m a bit of a coach in certain areas. So I set goals and that’s the way you go for it.

While Fairmined is one objective, I’m sure you’ve set your sights on what you want to accomplish next.

Fairmined is a big project because if you go into all the materials, there’s a lot to be done—all the coloured stones and semi-precious stones. There is a whole world out there that still has to be captured but we’re on it. In terms of what’s next, obviously there are some places including India, where we have to set up new boutiques. Then there are other countries, where we are not yet as established as we are in Europe or other places. It’s an ongoing process. Markets change so you have to adapt, and personally, to come up with a new line and new creations every year is a big challenge. In watchmaking, it takes longer because you start with the movement. The construction of a new complication is very time-consuming and I always take my hat off to my brother because I don’t have that [level of] patience. At the same time, in high jewellery, some projects take considerable time. I think one motivates the other.

Which is your favourite piece from this year?

It’s the 40th Anniversary edition of the Happy Diamonds. I was eyeing this watch for a long time and finally, I got myself a new watch. I love it! It’s lovely with the mother-of-pearl and diamonds. And with the prong setting for the floating diamonds, they are even freer and happier.

What’s your sense of the mood at Baselworld?

Fortunately, we’re busy. To put it in aviation terms, there is a lot of turbulence in the air. But there is a saying, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’. We have done a lot of new products and there are a lot of products at the right level of pricing which is important. The Happy Heart collection is perfect for the young generation; for instance, the little bangles can be stacked easily and are well-priced.

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