Many people say that the first sight of a man is shoes or watches

Many people say that the first sight of a man is a shoe or a watch. A pair of clean shoes and a quality watch really reflect the taste of men. Time is equivalent to the concept of time. A punctual man is often a very responsible man, and a down-to-earth man is often a good man.
So today we will focus our attention on the watch. Someone once asked the late watchmaker Zhong Yonglin, how many watches a man needs in his life to be complete, Zhong Yonglin replied: “A man must have three watches: a casual watch worn everyday , Sports watches and a gorgeous watch suitable for formal occasions. On this basis, powerful people can multiply each series by three, this life is enough. ”
Watches as men’s accessories, men’s partners, men’s comrades-in-arms, each man should have at least three watches. Of course, it is not to say that those hundreds of thousands of little geniuses and fruit watches, at least if they are the beauty of entry, Longines, this is the first time you step out of society, and you will not be satisfied in the future This. What are the at least three pieces a man needs in his life?