Mikrotimer Flying 1000


Let’s suppose a couple of days after delivering its 336 km/h FF supercar, Ferrari introduced a brand new concept vehicle having a top speed of three,360 km/h. Ten occasions faster, but tremendously tougher to obtain this ten-fold rise in speed.

TAG Heuer have accomplished the timepiece-making same as this task using the announcement today from the TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000, a brand new in-house concept watch able to 1/1000th precision. You might recall the Mikrograph set new record in the month of January to be the very first mechanical chronograph to attain 1/100th precision, an archive that’s been smashed. While there’s speculation that other brands may show 1/100th concepts at Basel now, TH has moved the overall game on.


Much more amazing is niagra: the very first time that TAG understood the Mikrotimer Flying 1000 really labored the truth is instead of in writing was on 11 March 2011- only 12 days ago. Had the timepiece not labored straight as they are, another concept watch could have been introduced to Basel- an extravagance of preference that many brands would kill for.

During the last 12 days, they estimate they have place in 5 month of working time to obtain the concept watch ready for Basel. To again make use of an automotive example, it’s the same as arriving the Geneva motorshow using the fresh paint still wet around the new vehicle.

The rate and-frequency from the watch is mind-dazzling- 500 Hz beating at 3.six million beats each hour- 10 occasions quicker than the Mikrograph and 100-occasions quicker than an El Primero. You will find, this means that the central chrono. Hands complete complete rotation 10-occasions every second.

When the Carrera Mikrograph is really a classical jerk towards the earlier occasions of pocket watches, the Mikrotimer may be the opposite- a very modern design by having an innovative situation system (the situation design and also the movement itself are handled by 12 patents). Design-smart, the Mikrotimer appears like an improvement from the fundamental Carrera shape. The situation is black titanium carbide featuring titanium horns in contrasting silver.TAG-Heuer-Mikrotimer10001

The dial has two central Chronograph hands. The very first eco-friendly central hands measures the firOrone hundredth and 1/1000th of the second around the exterior scale. The 2nd, more compact central hands signify passed minutes and 1/12s of the minute (i.e. 5 seconds).

Time is continue reading the dial with the addition of together the firOr tenth of the second in the 5-second sub-dial at 6 o’clock towards the 1/100th and 1/1000th read in the central hands around the exterior dial. It is not as simple as simply reading through from the 1/100th of the second in the dial from the Mikrograph, however it does permit the dial to stay relatively not-cluttered and places important on having the ability to easier browse the more compact batches of your time.


Probably the most interesting area of the Mikrotimer movement is that this: there’s no balance wheel system. TAG Heuer explains that rather it uses:

“A Launcher-Hub-Brake system controlled with a column wheel making possible due to the elevated rigidity from the spiral. “START” triggers the launcher by putting it in solid connection with the radial escapement. “STOP” radically pushes the launcher to the hub, instantly preventing the movement from the spring.”


The movement is really a growth and development of the 50 Hz Mikrograph movement (A Couple OfOr3rds from the movement is transported over), utilizing the same dual-assortment system. The significance of getting two varieties cannot be overstated. Just one assortment, as utilized on most watches, implies that the Chronograph drains energy in the watch. Repeated utilisation of the Chronograph will ultimately begin to change up the precision from the watch and push it outdoors COSC-standards. The 2 varieties addresses this issue, and getting this fundamental layout patented, TAG Heuer pressed the idea towards the extreme- 500hz.

The movement has 354 components along with a 43 hour-energy reserve for that watch and 150 seconds for that chronograph.