New release coming soon? IWC series classic review

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It is easy to see that IWC’s pilot series has a significant share of the latest products. The pilot series is the core of IWC’s entire product line. This is due to the use of many new technologies and techniques. The MARK watch is the entry-level and basic model in the pilot series. It has a simple, classic design, a practical, functional design, and a relatively low price. Forum friends have always been interested in discussing the upgrade version of the MARK watch. The Mark XVII launched in 2006, while the Mark XVII launched in 2011. The current Mark XVIII was released in 2016. It is becoming closer to the release date of new products according to the rule that a new generation of products is launched approximately every five years. There is also a lot of information on new products in the forum. Let’s learn more about this iconic series by looking at the history and potential future products of the Mark series.

Mark (MARK), literally means “model”. This simple name actually comes from the British army’s standard product naming system, which reflects the rich military heritage. Military aviation was a rapidly developing field in the 1930s. Pocket watches and other wristwatches were not able to meet the requirements of flight. Professional watch. 1936 saw the release of a “Special Flying Watch” by IWC (Spezialuhr fur Flieger), equipped with Cal. The brand has not officially named the “Mark 9” name. It is possible to trace the origins of the name Mark 9 back to MARK 11 and later generations. This explains why the series begins with the number 9 rather than 1.

The Mark 11 was retired from military service in 1993. However, IWC decided to revive it after its 30+ year history. There are many models of the successor Mark 12, and each dial has subtle differences. However, they all have a calendar display window. Jaeger LeCoultre produced the Cal.889/2 movement for Mark 12. The series’ first use of an automatic movement was in this Mark 12. The word “Automatic” was printed on the dial. Later production Mark 12 was based upon the ETA 2892-Cal.37522 movement from the A2. The Mark series’ product names are not consistent with the rules. There have been several “generations”. For example, the Mark 15 was released in 1999 without the numbers 13 or 14. The Mark 12’s design aesthetic was maintained by this generation, with the watch measuring 38mm in diameter. The upgraded Cal.30110 movement, which is also based ETA 2892-2A2, has been enhanced in terms of dynamic storage and polishing.

If you don’t know much about the Mark 16 and the release dates of the mentioned products, this mark is likely to be familiar to many watch friends. This marks the beginning of many people, including me, “entering the pit”. The Mark 16 has a 39mm diameter and the same Cal.30110 movement, however, the dial design has been significantly improved. This generation of watches can be considered the start of modern Mark watches, according to me. The watch’s new design features, including the diamond-shaped scales and hands, make it very modern. They even carry over to the Mark 18, which has modern aesthetics.

The new Mark watches are likely to use the 32-series movement. This will replace the ETA/Sellita solution used in the entry-level models for many years. This is actually a foreshadowing. The forum watchers have released pictures of the Mark 18 movement that show that the Cal.35111 movement has been reduced in comparison to the previous generation. Although it is possible to speculate that this is a move to replace the current Mark 18 products, it is clear that self-produced movements will “give way” to the next generation.

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