Patek Philippe has created many breakthroughs

Some of the planet’s strangest hold Patek Philippe watches at high esteem. In fact, lots of elite actors and influential people claim they wear this exquisitely brand. Rap and hip-hop artists frequently mention Patek Philippe watches concerning the watch as a sign of money and power.

Some of the Most Well-known and historical individuals would be Brad Pitt, The Beatles, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles of Wales, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Unlike other watchmakers, Patek Philippe watches have a fantastic resale value. It can make a good investment since the value of the watch will most likely increase over time. Vintage or modern Patek Philippe watches can be found by you on the market trading for rates.


By way of example, a 1970 Nautilus currently trades from the initial retail value of less than $ 3,000 for more than $50,000. The chronographs in the series now costs over $400,000 now, compared to its price of less than $20,000 from the 1980s. Additionally, there are classic timepieces such as the 5131 Cloisonné Enamel that earned more than $4 million at auction compared to retail.

The unique Patek Philippe design reflects the beauty of this watch. Technique and every style is carried out with artistry and exceptional craftsmanship. It entails artisan procedures such as inlays painting, the setting of stones, and extremely delicate foliage.

The high-quality, hand-applied decoration is evident in every individual region of the watch. It needs about 40 to 60 measures to complete a part that is subtle like the brakes. Every detail of a Patek Philippe watch is evident, to the hands, the batons, from the dial.

Known for its commitment to craft and attention to detail, Patek Philippe handcrafts every part of the watch and its movements. The Patek Philippe watches finished and are assembled .

Each watch contains 252 different pieces. The tops are brushed and decorated, and bridge and each single plate is beveled internally and externally. The dials go through up to 200 procedures making it four and six months to complete. Ideally, the conceptualization and designing of the watch takes three to five years.


In 2008, Patek Philippe introduced a seal of the own as a commitment to excellence. After breaking with the Geneva Seal Bureau for 123 years this has been done by them. The Geneva Seal Bureau imposes criteria for quality watch movements to protect the city’s reputation as the home of the best watch making.

On the flip side, the Patek Philippe seal establishes requirements when it comes to all aspects and components of a watch, in addition to the accuracy.

Aside at training their workers from the watches, Patek Philippe places high standards. That includes the customer care service, the salesperson, as well as the watchmaker. They also offer you the life service pledge on the planet. It means that any Patek Philippe watches made from 1839 around the current could be restored and preserved.

Based on these reasons, it’s no doubt the Patek Philippe watch is such an expensive and precious watch. It has proven to be a benchmark brand in luxury watches with background and its tradition in watchmaking. The blend of unique factors like the use of innovative designs, quality materials, and finest workmanship makes it a watch brand in the world of horology.