Perfect wrist watches as birthday gifts

heart florilege

Are you still wondering what kind of present for your lover’s or your father’s birthday? Maybe you can consider wrist watches of Reef Tiger, the pure Swiss brand. As is well-known to us, founded in Geneva in 1898, Reef Tiger has been always devoting itself to designing and manufacturing remarkable watches for the public and nowadays it has gained much admiration from numerous watch lovers by virtue of its beautiful appearance, delicate technique, advanced technology and original design idea. Wrist watches are not just normal tools to tell time, because the watch you wear reflects your social identity and status as well as your taste.

Here are some great wrist watch I carefully select from Reef Tiger, and I hope you will enjoy them.

1. Reef Tiger Heart Florilege RGA151-YPPD
heart florilege

Love Florilege Brown MOP Dial Purple Leather Strap Stainless Steel Watch

What most impresses you is not only the shining diamond bezel, but the creative and amazing brown pearl dial. In such a limited place, some nice flowers blossomed, and a dragonfly vividly flied, forming a harmonious picture. Diamond markers and two white hands increase some feelings of strictness and seriousness, which reminds us that after all it’s a high quality watch. Stainless steel case, sapphire crystal front case, and purple genuine leather strap are obvious and important aspects to show its good quality, much less the Swiss Ronda quartz movement.

2. Reef Tiger Seattle City Impression RGA163-YWYD
city impression

Seattle City Impression White Dial Diamond/Stick Markers Full Steel Watch

The wrist watch is a perfect one for gentlemen worn on formal occasions, since its simple but elegant design and excellent performance much help you catch much eye in a crown of people. Stainless steel case and bracelet shin charming metal luster, showing gentlemen’s capable and experienced image. Dot numerals and three hands match well with the white dial and white shell, so grace and simple. Besides, the symbol of fame and noble temperament, date display, is at the 3 o’clock position. Just as same as the above one, to provide better protection for the dial, sapphire crystal is adopted to make its front case, scratch resistant and anti-reflective.

3. Reef Tiger Artist Carved Spiral RGA191-PBB

city impression
Artist Carved Spiral Automatic Black Dial Black Leather Strap Pink Gold Case

Imagine what it looks like, rose gold shell matches with black dial as well as black genuine leather bracelet? I can only think of words like decent, elegant and powerful. In the black carved dial, only four obvious Roman numerals and three copper-made hands. Three hands like sharp hands or faithful soldiers point to accurate time for us. The logo “REEF TIGER” has been firmly and stably marked at the 12 o’clock position, showing confidence in this Swiss watch brand. Why does Reef Tiger always use sapphire crystal to make front case? Because its hardness only ranks second to diamond, and diamond is the hardest matter in the world.

These watches are all with outstanding appearance and excellent performance, and you can tell from the pictures.