Reef Tiger Aurora Concept Wristwatch Represent Personality and fashionable


The Concept of Aurora

The Reef Tiger Aurora concept watch, in addition to following the idea of the frontier artist’s works, its functional design also inherited his creative spirit. The launch of Aurora concept wristwatch is not only an exploration for the future, but also embodies Reef Tiger’s spirit of exploration and innovation. The new wristwatch is equipped with anchor escapement system, nonperiodic escapement system and mercury compensate-type pendulum.It is common in the fashion world to make a classic combination of the futuristic concept with wristwatch.

Design highlights
1 Imported 316L stainless steel case02420
The case of Aurora watch is used pure imported 316L stainless steel.The curved button on the left is in accordance with the overall style design of the watch. And the part linked to the crown and the chronograph buttons are adopted the brushed stainless steel.
Personality and fashion is distinct.

2 Complicated designs for dial
There are two sub-dial top and bottom on the watch dial. The left sub-dial is for day function and the right one is for date function. The engraving of dial and the use of shading that the designer made reflects the conjecture of future. The tourbillion at 6:00 and the calendar for years and months at 12:00 represent time will still be the theme of perpetual however the future will be. It is full of sense of science and technology.

3 Sport rubber strap
An exploratory concept wristwatch with a rubber band is much better. The designer uses the gradient process for the concept rubber band. It is narrowing from the case junction so as to make the big watch in 48mm look slender.

4 Super Luminous time scale design
Concept wristwatch uses super luminous heteromorphy as the time scale. Four polygonal time scales on the dial show the fashion from its subtleties.

5 Two-colored splicing hands 02421
Aurora concept watch use skeleton splicing design; its basic color is light black and it is filled with super luminous. The joint part is used high saturated red, yellow, blue, etc, which corresponds with the color of minute countdown sub-dial, is distinctive characters.

6 Case back
The mechanical sensitivity, technology sensitivity and the sense of the future is shown undoubted.The watch case back is transparent design with skeleton movement and flywheel, which we could get a sweeping view of the movement mechanism.

Excellent craftsmanship
1 two kinds of craft cases
2 anti-reflection sapphire crystal
3 splice double color pointer
4 pure natural rubber bands
5 Perpetual calendar, monthly calendar, date, day, transparent swinging movement