Reef Tiger Black Shark Fashionable men and ladies Automatic Diver Watch Review


Design concept

As it is one of the world’s oldest species,Shark is the top predator in the water food chain and absolutely the maritime overlord. The Black Shark of Reef Tiger is  a superb diving watch,too.Not only it has outstanding diving features,but also is has the fashionable and simple design successfully captures the heart of watch fans.

1.Unique case design

Hexagonal case is rich in industrial favor,the grid design on the dial highlights the whole watch, the tooth bezel also conveys masculinity, it is a watch that is suitable for fashionable men and ladies with fortitude personality.

2.Rotating bezel1-1024x1024

Reef Tiger Black Shark is a wrist watch that is specially designed for divers, the bezel is rotatable, when under water, the diver can accurately kow the diving time and the amount of oxygen.

3.Thai rubber strap

The usage of Thai rubber strap makes the watch adapt underwater environment quickly, it could also be dry as soon as the diver on land, so avoiding sticky leather and cold steel band.

4.Super Swiss lume

In the dark underwater world, it is very important to know the time accurately, the simple dial and super lume of Black Shark allow the user to accurately grasp every second underwater.

5.Screw-in crown

Screw-in crown locks tightly, so the whole movement is sealed to form a compartment, even diving to a depth of 50 meters, the watch could still maintain its excellent performance.