Reef Tiger Coco Rose Master Square Women’s Wrist Watch represents the delicacy and fortitude of woman


Coco Rose represents the delicacy and fortitude of woman, it has perfect lines and elegant appearance, which shows the classic style of Reef Tiger to modern young women. At the same time,Reef Tiger Coco Rose is also the jewelry treasure that is full of Paris mystery.

Design highlights

1.Square case shape

Coco Rose Master Square uses fashionable square case, this design represents the fortitude and personality of modern women, the perfect case arc makes it more elegant and comfortable to wear.

2.Fashionable dial design

Abandoned the complex dial design, Master Square uses hour markers to show fashion attitude, those hour markers, which occupy half of the dial area, use variant and exaggerated font design to display the unique personality of Coco Rose.

3.Multi-colored hour markers

Master Square has several hour markers styles, multi-colored digits, multi-colored Rome numerals, black and white digits, black and white Rome numerals, so many choices that you can always find your favorite.

4.Swarovski crystals

Some watches adopt Swarovski crystals inlaid design, which is dazzling and easily catches your attention. Swarovski crystals cover the whole watch, the case, lugs and even buckle are embeded with crystals, very fashionable and luxury.

5.Comfortable leather band

To fit the changeable hour markers, the leather straps of Master Square watch also adopt multi-colored design, Italian calfskin leather band perfectly fits wrist and brings nice wearing feelings.

Exquisite technology

1.Double arc sapphire

Double arc sapphire crystal fits curved case, coupled with variant hour markers, bringing wonderful time reading experience.Master Square features sapphire crystal that has anti-reflective AU coating, the crystal hardness has reached the 6th grade of Mohs scale, it is very scratch resistant and clear.

2.Easily removable band

To offer multi-colored band choices, Master Square adopts removable design on band, there is spring bar device on the top of the band, you just need a smooth push to remove the strap.

3.Hand-set Diamonds

The diamonds on every part of the watch are hand-set, the classic four-claw setting of Tiffany allows every side of the crystal to be presented perfectly, dazzling.

4.Swiss quartz movement

Swiss Ronda 762 movement guarantees the timing accuracy, Master Square shows precision and balance, it sublimes the brand’s traditional innovation spirit.