Reef Tiger Seattle City Impression Watch Gives People A Sense Of Elegance And Refinement


Reef Tiger Seattle City Impression, which Reef Tiger launched in 2010, adheres bold and avant-garde aesthetic philosophy. The watch is equipped with mechanical automatic movement and features dauphine hands, the bezel is hobnail decoated, coupled with stainless steel bracelet, it gives people a sense of elegance and refinement.

Design concept

1.Classic rounded case

People who appreciate the classic and elegance will be impressed by Seattle City Impression, the classic rounded case, which is in 39mm, could firmly grasp people’s attention.

2.Exquisite polished dial

In order t show the lwo-key and luxurious charm of City Impression, deep black and shinning white diamonds form sharp contrast, while the white enamel dial is moist like jade.

Different hour markers choice

In order to offer customers more options, City Impression has two different hour markers, Rome hour markers are generous and elegant, while diamond markers are dazzling.

4.Hobnail bezelIMG_5041

Different from the monotonous smooth bezel on general watches, City Impression adopts hobnail bezel, unique design shows the distinctive elegance of the whole watch.

5.Dauphine hands

There is also yellow hands on golden watches, looks dazzling.Dauphine hands are slender and elegant, black pvd plated and stainless steel hands match the dial in different color separately.

6.Transparent case back

As a business mechanical watch, the movement is the soul of the whole watch. City Impression adopts transparent case back, so the operation of each movement part is shown in front of your eyes, to let your witness the passage of time.

Exquisite technology

1.Ultra-thin case design

City Impression is 11mm thick, which is definitely the thickness standard of a ultra-thin watch. It is equipped with RT7101 Swiss movement, each component is accurately designed, so only precise assembly could show the ultra-thin beauty of this watch.

2.CNC technical bezel

Each cutting surface of City Impression watch is polished by CNC technology, each edge is clearly seen, especially its unique hobnail bezel, every bevel is exquisitely polished, shining like diamonds.

3.Four claw diamonds settingIMG_5047(1)

Every piece of diamonds on the dial is selected from Swarovski Elements, with four-claw setting technology and unique inlaid approach, each side of the diamond hour markers is perfectly shown in your eyes.

4.Exquisite workmanship of dial
The fullness of the dial is from the 12 varnish coating color, each coloring must be absolutely flawless. All processes must be completed in a dust-free space, it is a great challenge to watchmaking skills.

5.9-link polished bracelet

The stainless steel bracelet of City Impression is made of 9 links, each one is polished well individually, and then connected to form a band. This ensures the first of the band and brings a perfect wearing feeling.