Rolex has absolute confidence and guarantees the purity of its diamonds to be IF

Rolex’s headquarters is located in Geneva. Someone once said that in addition to being rigorous, Rolex’s entire factory and assembly line seem to find no other words to describe it. The reason Rolex is able to make the mens watch to the extreme, to be perfect, from its emphasis on testing can definitely give a glimpse of Rolex’s attitude towards the product.
Not only is the material check surprising, Rolex’s diamond purity requirements are also well known throughout the industry. As we all know, in the 4C standard of diamonds, most brands only dare to call their diamonds the level of VVS, and never dare to boast that they are the level of IF. And Rolex has this absolute self-confidence to ensure that the purity of his diamond is IF. Rolex’s control of product quality can be described as the highest level recognized in the industry. All kinds of details are touching. Perhaps because of this, Rolex can be the top of the industry and create miracles again and again.
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