Rolex Submariner main difference: 116618LN and 116619 series

There are two main differences between the 116618LN and 116619. The first is the alloy, the 116618LN where the 116619 is 18k white gold being outfitted in 18k gold watch. Second, you will find that the yellowish gold 116618LN has a black bezel — and in the official Rolex catalogue, if you’re searching for a Rolex Submariner blue you can find the yellowish golden 116618 with blue face and bezel, also. On the other hand, the gold 116619 comes in bezel and just a face — that is it.
The Price Replies: 116618LN Vs.116619 With this background knowledge, you may definitely enjoy this price comparison that is intriguing. However, both watches stay exactly the same price, $31,600, despite their different bezels. So even though the blue will be popular, we notice that Rolex has not discriminated in pricing Interestingly the 116619, which besides blue face, the white gold alloy and bezel is completely identical to this 116618LN, is priced greater at $34,100. With this revelation, it’s safe to say that the blue bezel isn’t the only feature that produces a cost difference between 116618 and 116619. I think that it’s in fact the combination of this gold Oyster case and necklace which makes the’Smurf’ costly than it’s yellow silver, bezel that is black counterpart.
But after we get to the secondary market, we see that the cost difference gets a lot more narrow. The 116619 (additionally 2011 or newer) nevertheless, is just a grand more at $28,995. The Smurf will still continue to maintain significance not only because this combination is iconic and more desirable, although because it was more expensive on the initial retail marketplace. But, because both versions are made from 18k gold, I visit the two timepieces holding their value very well in the long and short run. I can only expect that since they enter the market they will fetch much higher price tags, Because these are rather modern watches too.