Seiko 5 Sports Street Style Black On Black review

For several years I used a Pro Trek PRW 1300 black solar for my work and leisure — it’s still working and sits at my bathroom.
Then in 2015 I started looking around on the Internet at micro brands along with also my hobby gradually grew, and grew and grew.
Illumination has been the primary driver and I hunted out tritium illumination. I bought a Nite Nato; a PVD tank with a watch that had one annoying characteristic — the crown. In the 3 o’clock position, it truly liked to dig into my wrist.
Even though I have never been in the military, 1 thing that all of my watches had — and have — is their own utilitarian/military nature.
I am no diver but will generally search a watch which can take hard knocks, are easy to maintain and operate well regardless of the weather and/or conditions. A good bezel is always a bonus, and it only has to sit nicely in my wrist without the urge to chew my epidermis. My collection has gradually grown.
Now I primarily look for automatic motions, with a fantastic lume, if tritium or SuperLuminova and a counter crown if at all possible. The bezel has to be well-fitted & the activity precise.
So how can I pick the SRPD79K1. . ? Through word of mouth podcasts & @ScottishWatches. I checked the dedicated Seiko website. 27 variants however, the Street Style Black on Black just jumped out. My opinion purchases are always based on a psychological response to the look of a wristwatch. Following that, I start the research.

I managed to order it off their website via an Instagram post, but it was sold out. I was contacted quickly by James Porter who updated me to when they expected to get the SRPD79K1 back in stock & provided a refund when I desired. I held out &’m glad I did, since they came up trumps.
I have worn the watch every day for a week, in the home and on the job. It’s comfy to wear, though on the nato strap Seiko supplied sits quite high off the wrist — so I’m waiting to get an aftermarket one. Even off the supplied strap, it sits some 13.4mm top, although without true electronic calipers (note to self…another watch associated purchase…) I can’t question that — it feels greater to me. It stays high due to the hardlex glass, screw-in screen case back — through which you can see the 4R36 automatic motion beating away. The stainless steel, black hard-coated body of this watch is 42.5millimeters in diameter, 46 mm top to bottom, with 22mm lugs.


The lumibrite markers aren’t as bright as the other Seikos — that is clear as the watch is basically a blacked-out watch. If the watch has enough sunlight to excite the lumibrite on the dark grey hands and markers on the dial, you will understand a darkish green glow — but maybe not for long. The hour hands are garnished with a silver coloured metal, with all the next hand at a milder silver tone. The dial also offers a day/date role at 3 o’clock position

The uni-directional bezel has a soft yet firm action, with 120 muted clicks & hardly any drama if pushed against the path of travel. The movement is losing very little time every day, although I have not measured it .
This is my first decent Seiko watch. I would say that’you’ purchase the SRPD79K1 for how it looks & not the lume. Regardless of the height it sits well on my wrist & I think it would make an ideal first automatic opinion.