SIHH 2016-Cartier Drive De Cartier Watch Hands On

Front of Cartier Drive De Cartier watch

Cartier Drive de Cartier watch is launched at sIHH 2016. This is a elegant watch with stunning dial. It offers a range of options from steel, to gold, to a flying tourbillon model. The Cartier Drive de Cartier will be available this May 2016.

In terms of its design, looking like a cushion-shaped watch with a defined dial that has soft corners rather than a circular dial. It works, and it works very well. The dials all have a richness of depth to them, with a focus on the interplay between visual texture that contrasts the varying guilloche designs, flat surface dial, and even “skeletonizing” the space between the roman numerals in the flying tourbillon model to expose the guilloche below.Front of Cartier Drive De Cartier watch
There are three versions of the Cartier Drive de Cartier watch. The base steel model comes in a white or black dial, both running on the 1904-PS MC movement. This is the in-house Cartier automatic movement that operates at 4Hz and has the time with a subsidiary seconds dial and date. It is the same trusted movement used in watches like the Cartier Tank MC. Are people going to whine about the date window? Probably. I’m actually one of those people who would prefer the option to not have it there, but it doesn’t really take away all that much from this watch. In fact, I could learn to like it but would much prefer this next one.Side of Cartier Drive De Cartier watch 02
The steel and pink gold versions that run on the 1904-FU MC are the “small complication” watches. These offer a second time zone dial at 10 o’clock and a day/night indicator at 4 o’clock. As fatigued as I am of the date window conversation, I must say the large date window at 12 o’clock here looks great and is definitely nicer than the smaller one at 3 o’clock in the 1904-PS MC model. I know that’s a matter of taste, but if you must have the date window, then this one is it.Side of Cartier Drive De Cartier watch
Finally, there is the Cartier Drive de Cartier Flying Tourbillon watch. This Cartier watch runs on the manual 9452 MC movement, which only shows the time and the tourbillon. It also carries the Geneva Seal, which is a sign of some of the highest level and quality watchmaking known. It’s an undeniably beautiful piece that is sure to get the attention of collectors who are looking for something new from the “Fine Watchmaking” workshops of Cartier.Cartier Drive De Cartier watch caseback