Tempus Machina Watch Company Brings Vintage Attract Modern Rolex watch


The status from the vintage Rolex watches Submariner because the ultimate “cool guy” ornament continues to be cemented by the kind of Steve McQueen, Jacques Cousteau and Mission Impossible. Cousteau arrived first. The watch’s mechanical improvements managed to get a popular among professional divers, and Auguste Piccard and the boy Jacques tried on the extender while setting a global depth record of 10,335 ft in 1953, annually before its official summary of the general public. The recognition from the Submariner among non–divers first peaked after it made an appearance around the wrist of Mission Impossible in Dr. No, first within the 1958 Ian Fleming novel, and then within the 1963 film as described by Sean Connery. The particular reference of Submariner that made an appearance within the film, the 6538, is distinguished by gilt (or gold) dial particulars, deficiencies in crown pads along with a domed very – also it looked just aware of a complete dive suit because it did combined with a whitened tuxedo.


The Submariner has been around continuous production since 1954, but while modern incarnations are, perhaps, the most effective mechanical diving watches money can purchase; it normally won’t quite capture hearts in same manner early models do.

But locating a decent 6538 nowadays is frequently challenging and prohibitively costly. And you probably know this, the 60-year-old, rare, investment-grade watch most likely wouldn’t see much wrist time, regardless. You will find other available choices, though. If approaching original authenticity is exactly what you’re after, take a look at the Tempus Machine Watch Co 216A. At $25,000 (including the price of the donor watch), it’s still costly, but as compared to the 6538 that Christie’s offered captured for $175,000, the 216A might be your best choice.

Tempus produces an almost-identical modern version from the 6538 by modifying a brandname-new Submariner (ref. 114060) from Rolex watch. The 216A captures the most crucial particulars from the 6538 by having an acute eye for those particulars. The crown pads happen to be trimmed, the dial recreated utilizing the same techniques you’d get in the ‘50s, the bezel cool and also the very changed (the only real non–Rolex watch part used). The situation – built utilizing a modern, 40mm donor – continues to be trimmed to 39.5mm across to obtain a touch nearer to the 38mm from the original. It makes sense a completely modern, vintage Rolex watch.


You can acquire a mudded Rolex watch using their company clothes, for example Bamford, but you’d be difficult pressed to locate one which stays so carefully towards the source material. May possibly not capture the identical feelings like a true original (that patina counts for something, right?), but it’s, for those intents and reasons, a brand name-new reference 6538 you could put on day in and day trip without worry.

Would McQueen or Cousteau be putting on a 216A when they were around today? Most likely not. But when you need to leverage a little their style without turning towards the now-ubiquitous modern variant, the 216A from Tempus Machine should have the desired effect all right.