Over time, redesign and Cartier made a decision to design the Crash. We’ve listed below the different versions of the timepiece. The original Cartier Crash I wouldn’t count the precise watch that has been in the injury as the original. So technically, the watch’s first version was released in 1967 by Cartier London. It is available in a gold case with a white dial. The Roman numeral hour markers were published in a font. This offers you the illusion that it is melted. It is said that Cartier released only a small number of units of the watch. Right now, this edition of the Cartier watch can easily fetch up to $25,000. There was a time once four models were posted by the brand on their site for sale. Those models price somewhere between $75,000 and $140,000. The markup was due to the diamonds.
The 1991 Version In 1991, Cartier Paris took over the watch’s production. With that in mind, they released their own version of the timepiece. This time, it’s smaller. This one comes from 38mm while its predecessor steps at 43mm. Like the last version, Cartier Paris produced this in limited quantities — 200 pieces to be exact. A few years later Cartier Paris’ takeover, they decided to release it. This time, in small quantities. The Cartier watches of this batch arrived in 13 pieces and in gold watch. That distinctive batch was created in 1993 for the Rue de la Paix store’s introduction. 2012 Crash for Women This time they left it for ladies although in 2012, Cartier decided to revive their Crash collection. In comparison with the other versions, this one looks flashier. Apart from the steel bracelet that it came with, it had been equipped with diamonds. Additionally, it arrived in 18K yellow or white gold cases. 2015 Crash Skeleton Some watch geeks find themselves spending too much time admiring the gears through the obvious caseback. If that is not enough, they flip into Skeleton watches at which you could see all the moving parts. In 2015, Cartier exhibited its dominance in Haute horology by introducing the Crash Skeleton. A skeleton watch does have a dial. That means Cartier had to be inventive to demonstrate the illusion that it’s melting. As a solution, the platinum skeleton was ripped by them .
This is a wonderful opportunity for Cartier to show off their skills in mechanics alongside their nice artistry if truth be told. Cartier Crash Radieuse With this iteration of the Cartier watch, they chose to focus more on the aesthetics than the motion. The situation is constructed of yellow gold. Its design on the dial makes it distinguished from the Crash watches. Its Roman numeral markers along with it are what and are faded seem like ripples that are black. These black ripples continue until the bezel very similar to a gadroon. These details make the watch a work of art. A LESS VIOLENT BACK STORY Other people refuse to believe this Cartier Crash’s gruesome history. Instead, they say it came from a painting. His work depicted a clocks that melted into a desert.
But no matter how convincing the story may sound, there’s no evidence behind it. Au contraire, Salvador Dali was connected with a watch brand that was different. He was in a project with Piaget in 1967, the same year. For comparing the two works of art, however, I can not actually blame people. If you ask me, the clocks do seem like the Cartier Crash. It is not only the design that the Cartier watch engineers had to be concerned about. Gears power watches, and fitting those gears inside an odd-shaped case proved to be a challenge. This is why they made a motion only. The intricacy of its shape isn’t a joke. Thus, the ascendancy of the brand was based by the simple fact that they left the watch work in watchmaking. ALTERNATIVES TO THE CARTIER CRASH WATCH 1 difficult pill is that money can not guarantee you’ll get your grail. Just take the instance of the Cartier Crash where stocks are limited. Although you love the Crash but are finding it challenging to obtain one, here are some alternatives that you can consider.
Franck Muller Do you want wacky? Franck Muller will give you wacky. While it doesn’t have the shape that is strange that the Crash has, it still provides the groovy vibe. You can check out their Crazy Hours collection, if you want to take it a step further. Rather than the traditional format, Franck Muller jumbled the order of the numerals. Don’t blame us if ever you run late for misreading that time.