The Signatur SKW6374 is great for casual wear

‘Simple’ and’neat’ are the first things you’ll think of when you think of watches. Some brands may dedicate their time adding complications. But others, for example Skagen, prefer to have their dial clean and clean. Should you share then you’ll appreciate the beauty of Skagen watches. Danish couple Henrik and Charlotte Jorst based Skagen. With this information, you may think that this is a Danish brand, particularly with the word”Denmark” plastered on its logo. On the contrary, it is considered by individuals . Its founders came from Copenhagen, Denmark. However, the couple begun getting into watchmaking after moving to the US. By representing Jacob Jensen’s designer watches the duo started. Afterwards, they contacted watch manufacturer Comtech and the brand new clock. This choice allowed the couple to design their own timepieces. It had been two years after the movement when they had their big break. Charlotte and henrik showcased Skagen watches throughout a corporate gift fair in 1991. People from the fair praised their elegantly designed watches. The feedback has been so great the people convinced them to release a watch line under their own brand. The couple believed it was a good idea. After a couple of cups of java and brainstorming sessions, then Skagen Denmark was established by them.
Focusing on What is Vital You’d think about clear skies and calm waves if you’d picture coastal cities in Scandinavia. This is where the brand acquired its name. Skagen is the title of a tiny fishing village in the northernmost portion of a peninsula that is Danish. But its name isn’t the one thing which the brand borrowed. They also follow along with the Scandinavians’ principles. Leave the things you don’t need and focus on what’s critical. Because being simple means being versatile, less is more. This concept is evident in Skagen watches’ dials. You might hear them calling Skagen a Bauhaus watch, when talking to fans. What does that exactly mean? Bauhaus is a design movement being followed by watches. In other words, it’s about form following function. A Bauhaus watch is expected to possess the following traits: has sleek, legible, and a font. For this, Skagen intends to make its clients’ lives easier through purposeful design. So time can be read by you in an instant, their minimalist dials are made. Meanwhile, Skagen watches’ cases are designed to be unobtrusive on your life.