The Short Film Shows the Making of a Dior Watch

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French maison Christian Dior is attracting world attention towards its skillful craftsmanship and detailing with a one-and-a-half minute long film released by the brand. Unveiled earlier last week, the video gives a closer look at the making of the house’s bejewelled timepieces—La D de Dior.

The short film is a sneak peek inside the house’s workshop, letting patrons witness the making of the La D de Dior watches from scratch. It also depicts how different styles of timepieces are crafted.

Right from mixing paints to creating a colourful painting on the dials, the movie truly captures an interesting facet of Dior’s world. Also highlighted is the careful sorting of diamonds and other gemstones that are studded in the watches. One can watch the mother of pearl being buffed, and the other stones being cut and polished to perfection. The film ends with the assembling of the dial and straps.

We believe in sharing everything that is beautiful; and on that note, here is a video that is sure to take you on an indulgent journey of the La D de Dior watch, giving you a dekko at the house’s attention to detail.

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