Three most potential men’s wrist watches in 2014


Noted wrist watch brands like Rolex have been more and more popular and their new watches are always most expected ones for numerous customers by virtue of their different design idea and advanced technology. But today I would like to introduce some other brands for you, which are also of great importance in Swiss watch-making industry. And if you read carefully, you will find that no watch below is without outstanding appearance and precise working, based on their good reputation.

1.IWC Vintage Pilot Mens Manual Wind Watch IW325404

As it’s known to us, IWC has always been appreciated by lots of watch lovers since it’s foundation in Swiss, and in the new age, it keeps on creating fine watches for the public with its unappalled technique. This vintage pilot men’s watch is one of the most expected watches in 2014 due to its outstanding appearance and excellent performance. Not stainless steel any more, this vintage watch case is made from 18kt white gold with bidirectional bezel, elegant and different. In the grey dial, three luminous and copper-made hands and Arabic hour makers are forming a harmonious picture. And a smaller seconds sub-dial is inset on the 6 o’clock position

2.Men’s Hamilton American Classic JazzmasterViewmatic Watch

White shell with black dial makes the round shape very prominent, just like musical harmonies. This watch features automatic mechanical movement, which has been through professional tests to make certain of its good excellence. Its classic elegant design attracts watch lovers a lot, much less its sophistication and science. Apart from its delicate dial, sapphire crystal case is another point to brighten your eyes. Since diamond is the hardest thing in the world, and its hardness only ranks second to diamond. From the see-through case back, you can take a clear and in-depth look at the movement inside. Additionally, a classic genuine leather strap is the perfect choice for the wrist watch.

3.Reef Tiger Classic Classical Fusion RGA810-YBY

Mesh watch bracelet shows designers’ seriousness and carefulness, especially the metal one made from stainless steel. Classical Fusion is one brands of Reef Tiger, which is with more than one hundreds’ experience in making watches. Therefore, it has already mastered the excellent technique of watch making. On one side, it owns elegant design, reflecting gentlemen’s great taste and different temperament; on the other side, by virtue of Reef Tiger’s rich experience, it works very well such as precise working. Three copper-made hands like faithful solders point of the time accurately. Silver markers are firmly inlayed in the black dial. To show confidence in the brand’s future, logo “Reef Tiger” is clearly marked on the 12 o’clock position.

Next time when you go shopping, maybe you can take a little time on these watches.