The Ventus Mori Brass Diver Replica Watch


Ventus Mori Brass Diver Replica Watch Replica Watch Releases

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Hailing from Singapore, Ventus Replica Watches has just launched its third model on Kickstarter. This follows two successful campaigns, both Flieger replica watches made from either brass or carbon fiber. It started as an endeavour to offer classic designs with our own unique twists to them.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver Replica Watch Replica Watch Releases

Why Mōri?

“The legend of the three arrows” is a story about Mōri Motonari. In an effort to get his sons to work together, he gave them each an arrow to break. This was done easily, and he challenged his sons to repeat it with three arrows bound together. This proved to be unbreakable.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver Replica Watch Replica Watch Releases

Our Design Philosophy – Inspired by the past, built for the future

From the lesson of Mōri Motonari, we wanted to design an awesome diver’s replica watch by focusing on 3 aspects. The “Three Arrows” story is reflected on the dial when the dive bezel triangle, dial triangle, and Ventus logo line up.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver Replica Watch Replica Watch Releases

Aesthetic Design

As replica watch enthusiasts ourselves, the aesthetics of the replica watch is the very first thing that we are drawn to.

We designed the Ventus Mori with the dive replica watches from the 1950s in mind. The oversized replica watch trends were unheard of back then, and hence we went for a 41mm diameter with a shorter 48mm lug-to-lug length. Such a case size keeps it wearable for your wrist without any lug overhang. Despite its diminutive size compared to modern divers, the Ventus Mori has a respectable 300m of water resistance.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver Replica Watch Replica Watch Releases

Befitting of the vintage theme, we chose a material that ages with you. The case is made from brass, a material which patinas with exposure to the elements. This patina differs based on the environment that you wear the replica watch in. This makes your replica watch unique to you.

The dial design had to be highly legible, with an unobtrusive date wheel printed with colors matching the lume. The sandwich construction of the dial improves the lume and adds another dimension to it. All these elements help you to read the time at a glance, be it in bright daylight or the murky depths.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver Replica Watch Replica Watch Releases

Mechanical craftsmanship

The technical specifications of a timepiece are also crucial when considering a purchase. We wanted to offer you the most functional specifications while keeping prices accessible.

The Ventus Mori was designed with the 1950s in mind, but with the latest in technology available to us. Thickness has been kept to a minimum at 12.5mm (excluding domed crystal) for its 300m water resistance to help it fit comfortably under your shirt. A sapphire glass ensures scratch resistance and its double-domed shape matches the curves of the case perfectly.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver Replica Watch Replica Watch Releases

A hallmark of dive replica watches, the 120-click unidirectional bezel provides accurate timings and the fully lumed markings ensure a glow in the depths. You’ll find it a breeze to set with its toothed edges for excellent grip.

We offer 2 different versions of lume. The “vintage” lume is C3 Super-LumiNova with a color pigment added to recreate the aged look. The BGW9 lume glows a cool blue while staying white in the day to offer a modern alternative.

The caseback features a vintage diving helmet design that has been stamped to give it a 3D effect.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver Replica Watch Replica Watch Releases

A mechanical movement is crucial for most collectors, and we wanted to offer a reliable yet affordable solution. We settled on the Seiko NH35 automatic to power the Ventus Mori. The workhorse movement provides both hacking and winding and has been proven across many years of service.

Production Quality

Each Ventus Mori replica watch is built to last, and this will be achieved through precise production and careful assembly techniques. Having worked with our production partner on many projects, we are confident that its quality will exceed your expectations.

Ventus Mori Brass Diver Replica Watch Replica Watch Releases


– 41mm Case Diameter. 14mm height (12.5 excl crystal)
– 48mm Lug to Lug length. 20mm lug width
– 300m Water Resistant
– Double Domed Sapphire Crystal with inner AR coating
– Seiko NH35 Automatic Movement
– Brass Case with Stainless Steel caseback
– Brass Bezel with optional Aluminium insert
– Sandwich Dial
– C3 or BGW9 Super-LumiNova

Prices start from US$199 for early bird slots. Check out the Kickstarter page HERE.

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