A Watch Greets For Olympic- Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016

Front of Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016

Next year Rio will hold the Olympic games,in memory of  it,Omega introduced a plethora of event-oriented timepieces. Among them is the saucy Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016 Limited Edition. Omega Bullhead Rio 2016 Chronograph Limited Edition only limited to 316 pieces.Front of Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016

For live photos of the parent model, be sure to check out Blake’s review from a couple years ago on the original Bullhead’s release. Some readers had not heard of the original Bullhead prior to that coverage. Here is one on the ‘bay for your reference. Originally released in 1969, the bullhead’s maiden name was the Rallye. Devoted fans coined the nickname “bullhead” over the years, and it not only stuck, but also branded all modern re-editions of the watch.Side of Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016 02

The Rio 2016 is a fresh take on the original design with an Olympic theme. Other than being bigger than its vintage counterpart  the Rio 2016’s configuration is rather appropriate for the venue. Its color scheme is without a doubt playful with bold hues that pop.

The dial seems to be clean and spacious, with center chronograph seconds and noon chronograph minutes in red. The date is true to the original,as is the bi-directional rotating bezel.Side of Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016

Although the Seamaster Bullhead has a solid case-back, appropriately stamped to commemorate the 2016 games, inside it beats Omega’s 3313. It’s an automatic co-axial chronograph with column-wheel. I’ll go slightly historical on it given the juxtaposition to the original that this release seems to have taken on midway. Originally, the Seamaster Rallye “Bullhead” from 1969 housed the Caliber 930. This was a manual cam-switched chronograph caliber found in a variety of models. Interestingly enough, while Omega has confirmed that 10,000 of the 930 were made, it’s not possible to trace each caliber’s final residence and to get a sense as to how many 930 Bullheads might be out there.

That having been said, the 3313 is a worthy successor of this model. While critics may come out of the woodwork to point out early versions’ mechanical flaws from the last decade , the 3313 is a robust, co-axial, vertical-coupling, column-wheel chronograph with a free-sprung balance. It’s often cited as being based on the Piguet 1185  and while that’s kind-of true  it is as decently finished and solid as any modern Omega offering.Omega Seamaster Bullhead Rio 2016 caseback

And now, back to the blue racer-strap on the Rio 2016. Stitching mimics colors of the Olympic rings, and the perforated leather strap will allow the wrist to breathe – a must have when you’re at the warm, Olympic samba parties of Rio. Ah, to be young again.